Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

XB360 / Action / Release: Aug 31, 2010 / ESRB: U


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Xbox Games with Gold offers Crackdown & Dead Rising 2 in August

Xbox Games with Gold offers Crackdown & Dead Rising 2 in August

Like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold now offers subscribers free games. Last month, members were able to get Defense Grid and Assassin's Creed 2 gratis. What's on tap for this month?

Tomorrow, Gold members will be able to download the original Crackdown ($15 value). Then on August 15th, subscribers will be able to pick up both Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero ($35 value). Unlike PlayStation Plus, these games can be kept forever, regardless of an ongoing Gold subscription.

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Dead Rising 2 developer hiring for game with 'no zombies'

Dead Rising 2 developer hiring for game with 'no zombies'

Capcom Vancouver, the studio behind Dead Rising 2 and its various spin-offs, is hiring for what it calls Capcom's "next big game." This comes just after we spotted "Dead Rising 3" on an animator resume, but Vancouver may not be working on the sequel.

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'Dead Rising 3' spotted on Blur animation resume

'Dead Rising 3' spotted on Blur animation resume

Capcom seems prepped for another entry in the Dead Rising franchise, unsurprising considering the financial success of Dead Rising 2. Mention of a sequel has popped up on a resume, suggesting Capcom is prepped to make an announcement soon.

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Dead Rising 2 dev hit by layoffs

Dead Rising 2 dev hit by layoffs

Capcom Vancouver, formerly known as Blue Castle Games, has been hit by layoffs. The team is best known for their work on Dead Rising 2 (all four of them).

The studio confirmed layoffs via Twitter: "Capcom Vancouver has let go 7% of our employees as a result of unsuitable fit with the studio goals." Intriguingly, in spite of the layoffs, the studio claims that it is still hiring.

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Giveaway: Dead Rising 2 Case Zero

[Update: 7 p.m. CT] The entry period for this giveaway is now closed. Winners will be notified shortly via Shackmessage and must provide a valid US mailing address to receive his or her prize.

[Original Story] Shacknews and Tape It Or Die have teamed up to take on a zombie horde, but are in desperate need of your help. That's why we're pairing up to give away five codes for the XBLA-exclusive prequel Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Read more »

"Cordless Power Drill + Cat-o-nine Tails Whip + Backpack + Car Battery = A Spinning, Whirling, ..."
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Xbox Live August Schedule Brings Shank, Scott Pilgrim and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero to the Arcade

Xbox Live's Major Nelson has released the Live Marketplace content schedule for the remainder of August.

Although the dates and prices have previously been reported, it's a good reminder that Shank and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero are launching this month alongside the Xbox 360 version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Hopefully you've still got a few Microsoft Space Dollars saved up after the pricey 2010 Summer of Arcade promotion. Read more »

"ONLINE STORE——————- w w.f a m a l e g o o d s.c o m ..."
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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Arrives August 31 for 400MS Points

Capcom has just announced (via press release) the upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable prequel for Dead Rising 2 will release next month for 400MS Points ($5). Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is set to arrive on August 31 and helps introduce players to the franchise's new protagonist, Chuck Greene.

Case Zero isn't the only way players can get to know the intricate lore of decimating hordes of zombies with wacky weapons, as Capcom is set to release a feature-film based on the franchise prior to the game's release. Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun marks the directorial debut of Keiji Inafune and will see a staggered release online and via Xbox Live throughout August and September. Read more »

"What about the file size? I like the 400 point price, but I'd love to see it be just a couple ..."
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Dead Rising 2 Media Shows Xbox 360-Only Prologue, Tiger, Zombies, Wristwatch

Dead Rising 2's Xbox 360-exclusive "downloadable prologue" is shown off in the E3 media blast for Blue Castle's zombie-smashing game, not to mention man-mauling tigers, TNT arrows, a very practical wristwatch and the love between a father and his daughter.

Bridging the gap between the original Dead Rising and its sequel, the 'Case Zero' prologue will be released for Xbox 360 ahead of the full game to show how the adventures of Chuck Greene and his daughter began. Read more »

"I hope there comes a time where you have to off your infected daughter!"
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Dead Rising 2's Xbox 360-Only Prequel Detailed

Alongside the revelation that Dead Rising 2 will include online cooperative play, publisher Capcom also passed along some new details of the playable prologue coming to Xbox 360.

Dubbed Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO, the Xbox 360-only download is meant to bridge the gap between the original and the sequel. Read more »

"I don't get it - will it be playable stand-alone, or will you have to wait for your copy of DR2 ..."
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