PC / Action / Release: Mar 1, 2000 / ESRB: M

Daikatana Done?

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 19, 2000 8:45am PST

Could it be true? After all these years finally baked? AVault is reporting that ION Storm's Daikatana "is finished", citing unnamed...


"Heard of it... yes i have. Sadly I could probably sing a few words to it. I just don't wish to ..."

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Daikatana Update

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 18, 2000 7:44am PST

Daikatana AI programmer Noel Stephens updated his .plan with an update on the Daikatana AI and the game's progress. Here's a big chunk...


"You're right 'Killcreek'. I look forward to Daikatana. By the way--you're so FINE:) "

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One More Daikatana Shot

By Steve Gibson, Mar 15, 2000 4:42am PST

Just a quick update, a reader in the comments dug up the 7th and final CTF screenshot by hax0ring his way around on the Daikatana page. You can...


"And oh btw, this new screen looks nice. (*hope there is a dm version of this level*) - Va;"

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Daikatana CTF & DTag

By Steve Gibson, Mar 14, 2000 4:49am PST

As mentioned yesterday Ion Storm opened up their new website. I grabbed all the screenshots of Episode 1-4 and slapped them up here. (The Ion page...


"Ill admit that I was a daikatana basher for a while, but I just might get this game if I hear ..."

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Daikatana Chat

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 13, 2000 7:21pm PST

There was another one of those Daikatana developers chats tonight on the ionstorm IRC server. Towards the end of the chat it turned out that the...


"don't killcreek have better things to do? like get in the playboy or so..."

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Daikatana Textures Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 13, 2000 6:54pm PST

There's a short Q&A with John Romero on The FiringSquad asking about textures in Daikatana. I'm in that Daikatana chat in #ion on www.ionstorm.com...


"[20:07] Excuse the question, but is [20:07] there *any* idea on date the game will go ..."

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Daikatana Galore

By Steve Gibson, Mar 13, 2000 3:08am PST

The Daikatana.com website has a huge update with all kinds of information etc on the game. You can check out a bunch of screenshots of the game...


"Y'know... I am so tired of seeing the whole warez thing hashed, rehashed and then for a little ..."

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More Daikatana

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 08, 2000 11:10am PST

Some more Daikatana info today from the Planet Daikatana forums. This time ION's Rocketman took the time to answer some questions about the game.


"yea what freshview said ,and besides if you did do that then who would pay any attention to you ..."

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Daikatana In Crunch

By Steve Gibson, Mar 08, 2000 4:44am PST

Salon.com has posted the 2nd part of their coverage on the Daikatana super-crunch time. The article talks with developers about what it's like to...


"Just thought of this: Daikatana In Crunch? How about Cap\'N Crunch! Thanks! -Lex"

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Romero On Daikatana

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 07, 2000 2:34pm PST

There's a post by John Romero on the Planet Daikatana forums answering about various aspects of Daikatana and it's development. Here are a couple...


"Better yet, Dead or Alive 2 on Dreamcast. Kasumi! Or even better fucking yet, Ulala! ULALA! "

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Bake Me A Romero!

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 07, 2000 6:50am PST

As we all just can't get enough about Daikatana and it's delays, here's a new article about John Romero for you over at Salon. It talks about his...


"#95, I have high hopes for DK, but let us not forget BattleCruiser 3000 AD... and.... ..."

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The Daikatana Bundle

By Steve Gibson, Mar 05, 2000 2:33pm PST

As everyone has figured out by now Daikatana has not yet been released. Being all ninja like I stopped by CompUSA and picked up the weekly paper...


"#184 & 185 Didn\'t you notice the Multiple drives? Doesn\'t both of your refences refer to ..."

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Daikatana Not Out

By Steve Gibson, Mar 04, 2000 3:39pm PST

Contrary to several reports coming in, Daikatana has not shipped just yet. There are newspaper advertisements showing up for CompUSA and BestBuy...


"Daikatana Gone Gold!!!!!! oh damn. We all know THAT thread will FAR outpace the Quake3 Gone ..."

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New Daikatana Shots

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 03, 2000 7:32am PST

German site Krawall News has two new Diakatana screenshots, for those who haven't seen enough of the game after all these years.


"#13: dan·druff (dndrf) n. A scaly scurf formed on and shed from the scalp, sometimes ..."

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Daikatana Strategy Guide Shipping!

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 29, 2000 3:46pm PST

Yep, Daikatana isn't out yet but it's strategy guide has started shipping to pre-orders according to Planet Daikatana. There's also a thread here....


"From the lost Daikatana Strategy Guide chapter: \"Turn right at the Ego Stone, and this will ..."

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