Crackdown 2

XB360 / Action / Release: Jul 6, 2010 / ESRB: M


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Crackdown 2 Short Films Continue with 'Evil Seed'

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The second entry in the five-episode animated prequel series to Crackdown 2 has arrived from publisher Microsoft, further detailing the events that transformed Pacific City from a bustling metropolis to a ruined and diseased shell of its former self.

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"I enjoyed to play the first one on my friend's xbox, since I don't have one. I was looking ..."
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Crackdown 2 Trailer Supplies Wonderful Toys

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A new trailer for Ruffian Games' upcoming sequel, Crackdown 2, shows a host of new weapons and gadgetry awaiting players when the game comes out this July. Apparently, helping The Agency restore order to Pacific City involves causing a lot of crazy mayhem, best done by blowing stuff up.

One of the coolest new tools is a sort of magnetic grapple device that you can use to tether multiple objects together, clearly designed with some insane multiplayer applications in mind. Read more »

"Crackdown was my 1st 360 game and I can't wait for "2" I am a bit bummed about the cars not ..."
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Crackdown 2 Short Films Start with 'Home Truths'

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Ten years have passed in Pacific City, Crackdown's chaotic metropolis. With Crackdown 2 slated for a July release date, Ruffian Games has announced a five-part mini-series meant to reintroduce a city that's seen ten years of disease and turmoil since players last frolicked there in the 2007 game.

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"I knew it! A woman can be credited for destroying the west coast, such dangerous agents roam the ..."
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Crackdown 2 Trailer Talks Ultra-Violence

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The second Crackdown 2 video documentary reveals more of Ruffian's sequel to Realtime Worlds' super-powered open-world crime-buster, focusing mostly on how players can still be monstrously violent brutes to criminals and innocent bystanders.

Crackdown 2's Xbox 360-exclusive release is scheduled for July 6 in North America, July 8 in Asia, Australia and New Zealand then July 9 in Europe, preceded by a demo. Our Chris has already checked out its rocket tag and team deathmatch multiplayer modes. Read more »

"Was this video directed by Guy Ritchie? It almost needs subtitles. "
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Crackdown 2 Multiplayer Impressions: The Orb Has Been Captured, Dropped and Captured Again

The goal of Rocket Tag, one of the two Crackdown 2 multiplayer modes available to play here at PAX East, is simple. Grab the shiny thing, and hold on to it as long as you can.

Everyone else? You've got a rocket launcher. Kill the guy with the shiny thing. He's hard to miss. He's the one with the shiny glowing thing.

The result, as you'd expect, is pure explosive chaos. Even with only eight players in the match--half of the game's maximum--there were rockets everywhere. Getting close to the shiny was nearly as dangerous as holding the shiny itself. You have to understand. Everyone is going after this one dude. Everyone can see where he is. Everyone wants to kill him and take the shiny for themselves, and hold on to it for as long as they can--roughly twenty or thirty seconds, in my experience. Read more »

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New Crackdown 2 Media Shows High-Flying Fun

Crackdown 2 is in full effect at PAX East 2010 and Ruffian Games and Microsoft Game Studios are celebrating with some new screenshots.

If you're more of a "show me the game in motion" type of person, Ruffian also has some video footage of some players enjoying a rousing game of "Rocket Tag": Read more »

"I've seen this footage before recently. Maybe it was part of the viddoc they produced? In any ..."
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Crackdown 2's July Release Date Revealed, Multiplayer Trailer Explores 'Fun With Friends'

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Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games today announced that the open-world crime-busting sequel will be released exclusively for Xbox 360 on July 6 in North America, July 8 in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and July 9 in Europe.

The news is celebrated with a swish video documentary covering its various co-op and multiplayer modes, and the destructive fun players will be able to enjoy with their mates. Read more »

"should just rename it to 4 player crackdown since thats all anyone cares about. unsure about ..."
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Crackdown 2 X10 Preview: Taking It Higher

I got a look at Crackdown 2 led by the game's producer James Cope here at Microsoft's X10 showcase. In his introduction, he talked about their hope that the game's fairly simple overall objective will help keep that sense of freedom--to just go nuts--that made the first so popular while providing some motivation to keep moving people through the game. That objective is "Project Sunburst," an Agency initiative to assemble a massive energy weapon that can be used to clean up the streets en masse.

The weapon's necessary parts have been captured by the terrorist "Cell" faction and are secured in strongholds around the city. Part of the tactical play to recover them involves capturing intermediary positions that, once taken, can be reinforced and turned into forward supply points. Getting the pieces then follows a similar process of cleaning out the enemies protecting it and then calling in a helicopter to make the pickup. Read more »

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Crackdown 2 Screenshots Issued, Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

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Microsoft's X10 event has seen the release of new screenshots for Crackdown 2 as well as the revelation of the super-powered sandbox crime-buster's pre-order bonuses.

Pre-ordering will grant players a virtual wardrobe boost in the shape of "four exclusive suits of Agency-Issue armor," in stylish "Gold, Brushed, Red and Blue Metal" tones. Read more »

"Played the first one, wasn't interested enough to play through to the end IMO. Didn't think it ..."
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Crackdown 2 Demo Due Before Release

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Good news, agent. While the Crackdown series has switched hands, freshly-founded start-up Ruffian Games plans to follow in the tradition of series creator Realtime Worlds and release a downloadable demo of the sequel prior to its retail debut.

"You can definitely expect a demo to hit Live before [Crackdown 2] is out," producer James Cope told IGN, "but I can't say when that will be... yet. The [original] Crackdown demo was fantastic and we want to carry on in that form." Read more »

"I enjoyed the first Crackdown demo before its release so much that after purchasing the game I ..."
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Crackdown 2 Coming First Half of 2010

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While Microsoft has remained rather quiet as to when exactly Ruffian's Xbox 360-exclusive sequel Crackdown 2 is due, thus far only specifying a vague 2010 timeframe, Microsoft product mangement director Aaron Greenberg recently narrowed the release window to "first half of the year" during his time on Major Nelson Show #344.

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"I am REALLY looking forward to Crackdown 2. I had a blast (sometimes literally) with the co-op ..."
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Crackdown 2 Trailer: 'Would You Like to Blow It Up?'

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While it's not as vulgar as the version that aired during the Spike Video Game Awards--that one asked "would you like to blow sh*t up with me"--the underlying message of this old timey trailer for Ruffian's super-powered sequel remains the same.

Expanding on the open-world original with more online multiplayer options--four-player co-op, sixteen-person multi--Crackdown 2 is due out on Xbox 360 in 2010. Read more »

"Does anyone else agree that fighting zombies is totally stupid? i liked fighting gangs in ..."
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Crackdown 2 Contest: Get Your Grafitti In-Game

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Asking gamers to help make their mark in Crackdown 2, developer Ruffian has opened a contest that will ultimately see some user-created artwork appear in the game.

"We thought we'd ask you to do our work for us," explains Ruffian. "Send us your graffiti masterpieces and if we think they're ace then we'll put them in Crackdown 2 AND put your name up in lights in the game's credits." Read more »

"before I go to sleep tonight I'll be adding a request for Phil to submit something to this contest"
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Band Hero Gets Full Tracklist, Song Export Details

With just over two weeks to go until Band Hero hits North American store shelves, publisher Activision has listed all of the songs in the family-friendly rhythm game.

The company also touched on downloadable content support, writing that "fans can play almost all of their previously purchased Guitar Hero downloadable content," as well as detailed the cost of bringing Band Hero songs into Guitar Hero 5 and vice versa. Read more »

"I cant wait until they start to develop "Guitar Hero Forever" and the game gets lost in ..."
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First Crackdown 2 Screenshots Debut

Kicking off its media blitz for Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft has released the first screenshots of Ruffian's superpowered open-world action game Crackdown 2.

An Xbox 360 exclusive, Crackdown 2 is slated to arrive at some point in 2010.

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"When I "finished" Crackdown (I still have some orbs as yet unclaimed... maybe I should go get ..."
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