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Peter Jackson's Halo Project 'No Longer Happening'

It sounds like Peter Jackson's Halo game has joined his attempt at a Halo-branded feature film in the "no longer happening" graveyard.

When asked about the effort, announced in September 2006, the Hollywood director responsible for Lord of the Rings and Dead Alive told Joystiq that the "Halo project is no longer happening, it sort of collapsed when the movie didn't end up happening." Read more »

"So good games that become movies are always shitty.. maybe a shitty game turned movie will be a ..."
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Bungie Details Halo 3 Render-to-Video Service

Looking to satisfy the video sharing needs of the Halo 3 playerbase, Bungie is planning to soon roll out the public beta of its video-to-render service, which will allow players of the title to convert captured Halo 3 clips into computer-playable files.

Players that put game clips on their file share will be able to spend "Bungie Points" to convert the clips into standard video files. The service will provide two options: 640x360 WMV at "about 1Mbps," and 1280x720 WMV at 6Mbps. Read more »

"Amazing! I'm going to subscribe right now so I can watch all my teabagging videos on my PC!"
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Call of Duty 4 Sales Pass 13 Million Mark

Activision publishing CEO Mike Griffith today noted that the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has now sold over 13 million copies.

Call of Duty 4 was first released in November 2007, and had maintained its full retail price until recently. The title had sold 10 million copies by June 2008.

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"The singleplayer was nice, but multiplayer is just counterstrike for me."
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Xbox 360 Hardware Gets 'Game of the Year Bundle'

A limited edition Xbox 360 "Game of the Year" hardware bundle will hit North American store shelves in May, Microsoft announced today.

Priced at $399, the bundle packs an Xbox 360 Elite--itself normally sold at $399--along with copies of Bungie's shooter Halo 3 and Lionhead's action-RPG Fable II.

The Elite differs from other versions of the hardware as it comes with a 120GB hard drive, instead of a 60GB HDD (Xbox 360 Pro) or 512MB of storage (Xbox 360 Arcade). Read more »

"This is a pretty decent bundle. Halo3, despite its age, is still played online like crazy by ..."
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Shack PSA: Halo 3 Mythic Map DLC Now Available

As it's been about two and a half weeks since we learned that the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack was due today, it's probably a good time to remind you that the DLC is now out.

The 800 Microsoft Point ($10) add-on brings three new multiplayer maps into Bungie's Xbox 360-only shooter. Orbital and Assembly are more traditional offerings, while Sandbox is a large open arena just ripe for customization via the Forge map editor.

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"If they were free I probably get them and start playing Halo3 again. Making me pay another ..."
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Gears of War 2's Snowblind Pack DLC Gets Priced, Halo 3's Mythic Map Pack DLC Gets Release Date

Details from Microsoft today round out the picture of the upcoming Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack and Gears of War 2 Snowblind Map Pack downloadable content.

The Snowblind Pack, due March 31, will cost 800 Microsoft Points--$10 of your Earth moneys. Snowblind brings four new winter-themed maps to Gears of War 2, including a frosted remake of popular Gears of War map Fuel Depot. Read more »

"Is the first map pack for Gears2 ever going to be released for free like on Gears 1? i haven't ..."
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Over One Billion Halo 3 Matches Played

Bungie has announced that, in the time since Halo 3 first hit Xbox 360 in September of 2007, the first-person shooter has seen over one billion matches played online.

The milestone was hit on February 28 at 6:36 PM PST. Halo 2 has still yet to hit that point, with 768 million online matches played as of the official announcement.

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"I wonder how many times a racial slur has been screamed over XBL voice chat..."
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Bungie Reveals New Halo 3 Map, Halo 3: ODST Art

Halo series developer Bungie has revealed a screenshot of the third map that will be included in the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack, with Microsoft filling in some details.

Described as "unlike any Bungie has ever created," Sandbox features a "tiered, open-world layout" that "combines large-scale vehicular combat with a limitless amount of Forge customization." It joins the previously revealed Assembly and Orbital maps. Read more »

"Let's Play Microsoft See 'n Say. The Master Chief says.....MOOOOOO!"
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Nielsen's Most Played PC Games of 2008

Along with its list of the most-played consoles in 2008, research group The Nielsen Company has provided its list of the past year's most popular PC games in the US.

Of the ten titles, none were released in 2008, and only 2 debuted in 2007. The list is based off data from January through October 2008, meaning that the impact of the second World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, was not taken into account. Read more »

"Man, if I was a part of this I'd get myself and my friends to spend all week playing System ..."
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Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Screenshots

With Christmas just around the corner, Bungie has released new screenshots from two of the new arenas found within the forthcoming Halo 3 multiplayer Mythic Map Pack.

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"Halo: Milking people for extra cash since... Seriously, if you buy these and paid for the ..."
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Bungie Explains Halo 3 NXE Install Slowdown

The New Xbox Experience's ability to load games from the hard drive is intended to help games load more quickly or even make them look better, but Bungie's Halo 3 is an exception--it actually loads more slowly than without installing the game.

To explain the phenomenon, Bungie tapped engineer and "Chief Caching Officer" Mat Noguchi to give both a technical explanation and the "short answer." The short answer is in essence that the game has always used the Xbox 360's hard drive to shorten load times: Read more »

"Nice to see someone from a company actually give a detailed explanation rather than some vague ..."
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Halo Wars Limited Edition Packs New Halo 3 Maps

Publisher Microsoft today revealed the Limited Collector's Edition version of Halo Wars (360), the final strategy game from the soon-to-be-closed Ensemble Studios.

Arriving in February and priced at $79.99--$20 more than the $59.99 standard edition--the Halo Wars LCE will sport a snazzy metal case and the following bonuses: Read more »

"LCE here is weak. They should've put in a mini warthog or action figure :) who comes up with ..."
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Halo 3 Recon Official Announcement Trailer

Here now is the official Halo 3 Recon announcement trailer, fresh from TGS. The video builds on Bungie's original teaser, offering a few glimpses of the game's reconnoitering premise.

The prequel is slated for a fall 2009 release, bringing a new Halo 3 campaign and an unspecified number of multiplayer maps. It is unknown whether Halo 3 Recon will be a standalone expansion, downloadable content, or both. Read more »

"I wonder if the soldier dude will have the same floaty movement, or if he will be grounded to ..."
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Halo 3 'Recon' Prequel Campaign Hitting Fall 2009

Microsoft has announced that the recently-teased Halo 3 campaign will be released in fall 2009.

The Halo 3 Recon campaign will serve as a prequel to the original Halo 3, featuring an USNC recon soldier as the hero, according to Kotaku. The expansion will also bring new multiplayer maps.

It now appears that Halo 3 Recon may receive a full retail release. Check back later for more details.

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New Halo Movie Script Goes to Microsoft

Former Gears of War film screenwriter Stuart Beattie is back at it with a Halo script, and this time he has the support of Microsoft and Bungie, the publisher and developer of the hit shooter.

"The Halo movie in its initial incarnation is dead. No one is pursuing it any more," said Beattie to GameDaily. Beattie's script, written during the Hollywood writers' strike, got Bungie's attention and the writer is now in talks with Microsoft. "I'm just a fan and I desperately want to see a Halo movie out there," he added. Read more »

"Fall of reach as a movie would be both a great film (it has a lot of character development, and ..."
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