Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

PC, XB360, PS3 / Action / Release: Nov 8, 2011 / ESRB: M

Call of Duty Elite will be operational for Thanksgiving

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 23, 2011 2:30pm PST

Call of Duty subscription service will be fully operational for Thanksgiving and the holiday weekend.


One million Call of Duty Elite memberships sold

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 22, 2011 6:00am PST

So how unprecedented was demand for Call of Duty Elite? Activision has announced that it's only taken six days to sell one million premium memberships to Call of Duty Elite.


Call of Duty Elite should be fixed by December 1

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 21, 2011 11:00am PST

Call of Duty Elite was swamped when it launched alongside Modern Warfare 3 this month, leaving most players unable to access the social service. It's still spotty, but Activision has now said that it intends to have everything up and running by December 1


Over 1,600 Modern Warfare 3 bans delivered

By Xav de Matos, Nov 18, 2011 6:15pm PST

Over 1,600 players have been banned from Modern Warfare 3 for cheating, glitching, and using hacks, according to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling.


Modern Warfare 3 video review

By Shack Staff, Nov 18, 2011 3:15pm PST

You may have seen our written review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but here's our final word on the title in easily consumable video form.


GameStop sells 600K Call of Duty Elite memberships

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 17, 2011 3:45pm PST

How popular is Call of Duty Elite? In a recent earnings call, GameStop announced that nearly 600,000 subscriptions were sold at their stores.


Modern Warfare 3 hits 5-day record of $775 million

By Steve Watts, Nov 17, 2011 7:00am PST

Activision has unsurprisingly announced big sales for Modern Warfare 3, topping previous series records for sales and concurrent play.


Activision still planning Call of Duty Elite on PC

By Steve Watts, Nov 15, 2011 1:30pm PST

Activision's official Call of Duty Elite Twitter account seemed as if it might shutter plans for COD Elite on PC, but the company has clarified that it misspoke.


Activision donates $3 million to veteran charity

By Steve Watts, Nov 11, 2011 7:15am PST

Activision has announced plans to donate $3 million to the Call of Duty Endowment, which funds training and job placement for military veterans.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 declared 'biggest entertainment launch ever'

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 11, 2011 6:15am PST

Activision has declared Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to be "the biggest entertainment launch ever," selling-through 6.5 million units and raking in over $400 million on launch day in North America and the UK alone.


Call of Duty Elite membership extended 30 days due to 'intermittent' service

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 10, 2011 10:30am PST

Call of Duty Elite's subscription service has not been able to manage launch load. As such, Activision is extended subscriptions by 30 days, as an apology for poor service.


Call of Duty Elite registration exceeding expectations

By Steve Watts, Nov 08, 2011 8:15am PST

Call of Duty Elite has launched alongside Modern Warfare 3, and it's already seeing capacity issues due to large-scale demand.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review

By Garnett Lee, Nov 08, 2011 12:01am PST

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has arrived. With two primary developers at the helm, does the franchise evolve or has the recipe for success been followed for another year? Read the Shacknews review.


Modern Warfare 3 killstreaks listed

By Steve Watts, Nov 07, 2011 12:30pm PST

How many kills will you need to achieve to activate Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's "Strike Packages"? The full list of killstreaks, revealed.


Modern Warfare 3 'Hardened Edition' unboxing

By Shack Staff, Nov 07, 2011 10:30am PST

We take a closer look at the 'Hardened' edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and examine whether or not the $99 asking price is worth the price of admission.