Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

PC / Racing / Release: Feb 3, 2009 / ESRB: E10+


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New Opoona Screens, March 25 Release Date

Publisher Koei has released new screenshots and details for ArtePiazza's upcoming Wii RPG Opoona, scheduled for a North American release on March 25.

Described as a "lifestyle RPG," Opoona tells the story of a lad who crash lands on a mysterious planet after his spaceship suffers a malfunction. Marooned on the strange new world, Opoona must fight a horde of evil creatures, search for his family, meet friends and find a job. Talk about dark. The game features an action-oriented combat system focusing on Nunchuk—not Wii Remote, mind—waggling, which controls all of Opoona's commands. Read more »

"Opoona. Why does it sound so... dirty to me? Come on baby, let me touch your Opoona... just ..."
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Burnout Paradise Review

Open worlds are everywhere in games these days--Electronic Arts in particular does seem dedicated to introducing them throughout many of its franchises--and now they're here in Burnout as well with Criterion's Burnout Paradise (PS3, X360), which releases on Tuesday. In the single-player component of the game particularly, I really enjoy the open world, but I have to say I wish the designers took a less compromising attitude towards their implementation of it.

First things first: at its core, Burnout is all about speed. Numbing, face-melting speed. Burnout Paradise once again pulls that off with aplomb. Barreling down a straightaway at full speed with a fast fictional supercar then skidding through a sharp corner can be nerve-wrackingly intense. Read more »

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Burnout Paradise Q&A

GameSpot has the latest Burnout Paradise Q&A, asking producer Nick Channon about the new Showtime mode.

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Burnout Paradise Demo Gaining 8 Person MP

Criterion will tomorrow double the multiplayer capacity of the already-released Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Burnout Paradise demos, the developer revealed on its official site.

Between January 4 and January 14, gamers will be able to engage in online matches with up to 8 players. The demo had previously been limited to 4 players, though the upcoming full version supports a total of 8 participants in an online match. Read more »

"this has got to be one of the most botched demos ever. A driving game without a race game type??"
- gyokuro    See all 29 comments

Burnout Paradise Demo Smashes Xbox Live, Burns PlayStation Network Later Today

As promised, a demo of Criterion's Burnout Paradise (PS3, X360) is now available for download from Xbox Live Marketplace. The PlayStation 3 demo is expected to arrive in today's PlayStation Store update, which hits later this afternoon.

Allowing players to sample game's open-world structure and its online multiplayer, the Xbox 360 demo weighs in 835 MB. For a taste of the demo, check out the latest trailer from publisher EA. Read more »

"I think this will be a lot more fun when they have events at every intersection. BUT not ..."
- byorn    See all 20 comments

Burnout Paradise Demo Trailer

As we noted the other day, a Burnout Paradise (PS3, X360) demo will be released this Thursday. In anticipation, EA sends along a new trailer.The minute long video features the usual abundance of developer and publisher logos, along with surprisingly crash-free game footage.

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"I watched the trailer twice and didn't see $60 of improvement over the idle copy of burnout ..."
- mallrice    See all 29 comments

Burnout Paradise Impressions

GameSpot has new Burnout Paradise impressions, going hands-on with a preview build of the racing / crashing game sequel.

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Burnout Paradise Demo Hits Dec. 13

The downloadable demo for Burnout Paradise (PS3, X360) will be available on Thursday, December 13, according to a timer on developer Criterion Games' official site.

Studio owner and publisher EA previously announced that the demo would arrive on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace in December, but did not provide a specific date. Read more »

"if this doesnt have the AWFUL load times of burnout revenge theres a chance i would finish this ..."
- filthysock    See all 26 comments

Burnout Paradise Q&A

There's a Burnout Paradise Q&A on Computer & Video Games, sitting down with producer Nick Channon to chat about what we can expect from the game.

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Burnout Paradise Trailer

EA sends along the Burnout Paradise Ultimate Driving Playground trailer, which shows you various parts of Paradise City through nearly two minutes of mostly in-game and in-engine footage. Burnout Paradise arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 January 22.

Get the Flash Player to see this player. Registered users can use the HD stream.

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"Did he just say "Big surf", as in Big Surf from Burnout 2?! If this is true then HELL YEAH!"
- GodZilly    See all 29 comments

Burnout Paradise Crashes and Burns January 22

The next installment in Criterion's crash-heavy Burnout racing game series, Burnout Paradise, will ship to North American stores January 22, publisher Electronic Arts announced today. Due out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the new Burnout features an open game world, set in the fictional Paradise City, with challenges available at any junction. EA also promises "a new standard for online social gameplay." If you just can't wait until January, you'll be pleased to know that a demo will be available through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace in December. The demo will feature online support, and includes the new Stunt mode. To go along with the release date announcement, here's a new minute long trailer.

Get the Flash Player to see this player. Mercury subscribers can use the HD stream.

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"I am lazy and cant make up my mind..what would be the best racing wheel to get for the ..."
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New Burnout Paradise Screens Depict Pretty Cars

EA sends along its second batch of screenshots in a week (first round here) detailing Criterion's upcoming Burnout Paradise. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 open world crash 'em up is slated to release in the first quarter of 2008 and will support the PS3's rumbling Dual Shock 3 controller.

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"You might call me a fag for saying this, but the word Depict really sucks. So does using ..."
- [7]kami    See all 6 comments

Burnout Paradise Media

We received a couple of Burnout Paradise screenshots as well as this trailer, focusing on the Steel Wheel GT concept car found in the game. The next installment in Criterion's crashtacular racing game series will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 some time during the first quarter of next year.

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"Can't wait. I bought my 360 for Halo and burnout. I may need to pick up BR for the 360 to get ..."
- rosewood    See all 23 comments

Burnout Paradise Previews

Also previewed on GameSpot and IGN is Burnout Paradise, which hopefully has more pretty explosions and crashes.

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Burnout Paradise Preview

There's a Burnout Paradise preview on IGN today, offering a first look at Criterion's crash-heavy racing game sequel. Comes with new screenshots.

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