Black & White

PC / Strategy / Release: Mar 26, 2001 / ESRB: T

Black & White 2 Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 03, 2003 3:08pm PST

The "chaps" at Computer & Video Games have posted a Q&A with Jonty Barnes, head of Black & White Studios where they are currently working on Black...


"Its kinda sad. I really really wanted to like the first one and I kinda want to like this one. ..."

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On Black & White 2

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 29, 2002 7:04pm PDT

ECTS 2002: Black & White 2 update is GameSpot's article describing a demonstration by Peter Molyneux who showed off the Black & White sequel. Two...


"wow, so now instead of being a God game that turned out to be an RTS, its now just straight up ..."

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Black & White 2 Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 29, 2002 11:47am PDT

And yet more from Computer and Video Games today, a Black & White 2 chat with Peter Molyneux. Peter is asked about the changes in the sequel, the...


"Actually, he was asked "Curds and whey they are development wise" :)"

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Black & White 2

By Maarten Goldstein, May 21, 2002 10:59pm PDT

I don't know how many people want a Black & White 2 after getting burned on the original game (I know, not everyone was), but here are some more...


"for the love of jesus molyneux - make Syndicate 3 and don't fuck it up like Syndicate wars. ..."

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Creature Isle Date

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 03, 2002 7:45am PST

The official Creature Isle website has been updated with the news that this Black & White expansion will be released January 18. What this...


"If they could get the game to work on XP I would think about it!"

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Creature Isle Movie

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 07, 2001 12:18pm PDT

The Black & White site has been updated with a Creature Isle movie showing off some footage from the upcoming Black & White expansion. It's a small...


"Until one of these creatures can be trained to suck me, Lionhead can shove it."

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Creature Island Interview

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 22, 2001 6:30am PDT

PC.IGN has posted an interview with that one guy from Lionhead, Peter Molyneux. They hot chat about Creature Isles, the upcoming expansion pack for...


"Hmmm, if he is making this game because his last one sold well he should realize that nobody ..."

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The Dimitri Project

By Steve Gibson, Sep 07, 2001 12:03pm PDT

This is the first mention I've seen of this, yet another game that Peter Molyneux has his hands in. A project currently codenamed Dimitri. This...


"Is this the game that makes his vision fun? I don't know who is going to buy this. The press ..."

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Creature Isles Preview

By Steve Gibson, Sep 05, 2001 7:28am PDT

The GSI guys have a preview of the new Creature Isles title that was announced by Molyneaux and company at ECTS the other day. I eagerly anticipate...


"Is this the patch that makes Black and White deliver everything it was promised to?? or ..."

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Black & White 2

By Steve Gibson, Sep 04, 2001 11:26am PDT

Got a few things related to Molyneaux, Black&White and all that stuff. Firstly in case you missed it Black&White2 was announced at ECTS....


"Jeez, it seems everyone had the same experience with black and white I only had fun: A. ..."

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B&W Soccer Addon

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 06, 2001 7:26am PDT

Lionhead has released another addon for those still playing Black & White. This time it's the football add-on. Or "soccer" for those barbarians who...


"One could always tell such a game would get old within 2 weeks. I remember saying that I don't ..."

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B&W Addon

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 16, 2001 9:17am PDT

The Black & White site now has a new add-on for the game. It's called Village Banter allowing you to hear what the villagers are secretly thinking....


"The only way I'll ever install this pile on my computer again is if they release a patch that ..."

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B&W Mini Sequel

By Steve Gibson, Jul 16, 2001 7:34am PDT

GSUK has a story about a new Black&White mini-sequel (Thanks Stomped) scheduled for release in a couple of months. It will be just a single new...


"B&W needs a patch to add a fucking Combine harvester, anything to make collecting food less of a ..."

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B&W Addon

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 15, 2001 7:28am PDT

This German game site has some info about Black & White: Creature Isles, an add-on for the original game. You might wanna try Babelfish for the...


"And Steve still never mentioned the official patch was released... Did he?"

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Black&White Patch

By Steve Gibson, Jul 10, 2001 9:14am PDT

Right on time! The Black&White patch has been released by Lionhead Studios. You can grab the thing here and check out the docs here. No word on...


"Great. I waited almost 3 months for this patch and it STILL won't load on my Win2k machine ..."

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