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Ken Levine 'killed' BioShock movie rather than compromise

Ken Levine 'killed' BioShock movie rather than compromise

The long-troubled BioShock movie, which Gore Verbinski was once set to direct, is officially dead in the water. Creator Ken Levine has confirmed that he personally offed it when given the opportunity, as the movie adaptation risked compromising too much just so it could get made.

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BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition includes virtual museum

BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition includes virtual museum

If you have skipped the BioShock series for some reason, perhaps due to a lengthy coma or immense silliness, you'll soon be able to make amends with one handy bundle. Publisher 2K today announced the BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition collection, which bundles the first two games together with all their DLC. Super keen BioShock fans may be interested too, as it introduces a new virtual museum level filled with BioShock history.

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Get a free copy of BioShock from GameFly

Get a free copy of BioShock from GameFly

Now is your chance to shoot up with plasmids and waltz with a few Big Daddies and Little Sisters. The GameFly PC client is coming out of beta today, and to celebrate, the company is giving away a trip to Andrew Ryan's underwater paradise of Rapture with a free PC copy of BioShock.

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GameFly 'Unlimited PC Play' adds BioShock, Civ IV, X-Com

GameFly 'Unlimited PC Play' adds BioShock, Civ IV, X-Com

GameFly's Unlimited PC Play program has expanded today. Members that missed out on BioShock, Civilization IV or X-Com: Enforcer, can now play them as part of a paid GameFly membership.

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Ken Levine, Mark Pincus in running for Time's top 100

Ken Levine, Mark Pincus in running for Time's top 100

Two video game movers and shakers are getting high-profile attention from outside the video game sphere, as part of Time's Top 100 Influential People. Irrational head and gaming luminary Ken Levine and Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus share the honor with political figures, entertainers, and thought leaders across a broad spectrum.

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BioShock movie loses director, put on hold

Related Topics – BioShock, Hollywood, BioShock Series
BioShock movie loses director, put on hold

Progress moves slowly in Hollywood. Take BioShock and its associated movie project. The film has stalled over and over again, and now it's hit another roadblock. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the director brought in after Gore Verbinksi left the project, has said that he's no longer attached.

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BioShock movie 'still in the conversation,' says Levine

BioShock movie 'still in the conversation,' says Levine

When the original BioShock gained critical and commercial success in 2007, it immediately caught the attention of Hollywood. Since then, a planned movie adaptation has languished with budget concerns and changing directors. Now, series creator Ken Levine says the movie is still being discussed, in spite of the studio's focus on BioShock Infinite.

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Shack PSA: Steam savings on Magicka, BioShock series

Shack PSA: Steam savings on Magicka, BioShock series

Delightful digital distributor Steam is running some stonking mid-week sales. To celebrate the launch of Magicka's Vietnam add-on today, there's 50% off the splendid action-RPG. You can also get 75% off BioShock and BioShock 2 for today alone, as part of 2K's daily deals promotion.

For a bargain $7.99, you can pick up the Magicka Complete Pack, which contains the original game, the pre-order bonus Wizard's Survival Kit DLC, and the Vietnam add-on. You can also get one copy of the base game alone for $4.99, or four for only $14.99. Read more »

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Take Two Loses Legal Battle for Control of '' Domain

Take Two Interactive has lost a legal tussle over the rights to the URL against the domain squatting company Name Administration Inc. (NA Media), Gamer/Law reports.

According to the report [via], a World Intellectual Property Organisation legal panel overseeing the case felt that Take Two failed to prove NA Media had registered the website in bad faith. NA Media first registered the URL in 2004, prior to Take Two registering the name as a trademark, but after the game was "unofficially announced." Read more »

"I wonder if this will affect the name of Bioshock Infinite? It would be easy for Take 2 to turn ..."
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Shack PSA: Men of War Games 66% Off on Steam, BioShock Free with BioShock 2 PC Pre-Order

Sticking with the "midweek madness" initiative, digital distributor Steam has revealed that all Men of War (PC) games will be 66% off through Thursday, January 21.

In other words, the first entry in 1C Company, Digitalmindsoft and Best Way's historical strategy series can be had at $5.09, the expansion-turned-sequel Red Tide is $8.49, and Men of War: Gold Edition, which bundles the two, is currently $11.89. Read more »

"Heres a question. Says there is a game on steam for $25USD or something for everyone in the USA ..."
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BioShock Movie: 17 Weeks Later

Related Topics – BioShock, xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Hollywood

Four months after the BioShock movie was placed "in a holding pattern" over budget concerns, Variety reports that Gore Verbinski has abdicated the director's chair and 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is in talks to succeed him.

Universal Pictures ultimately decided to film the movie abroad to take advantage of tax credits and exchange rates, a decision which would clash with Pirates of the Caribbean director Verbinski's schedule for his next project--though he is still attached to produce. Read more »

"Not thrilled about the new choice of director but I still have a gleam of hope due to Logan ..."
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2K Boston Developing Shooter, Job Listing Confirms

Related Topics – BioShock, xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

The studio behind BioShock is now working on a new shooter, entirely unsurprising job listings have confirmed.

2K Boston is seeking a principal combat designer, level designer and a multiplayer level designer to work on the unannounced project.

Studio chief Ken Levine has long been rumored to be leading his team in development of a sequel to the tactical classic X-Com.

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"as far as im concerned levine's game record speaks for itself, so im excited to see whatever his ..."
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BioShock and Oblivion Combine, Form Odd Bundle

An unlikely pair bonded mostly by critical acclaim and a mutual publisher, 2K Boston and Australia's narrative-driven shooter BioShock will soon be sold in a bundle alongside the standard edition of Bethesda's open-world fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Publisher 2K Games announced the package today, boasting that the games have a "combined bounty of more than 80 Game of the Year awards." Read more »

"Still Oblivion @ $25 for those of us who were smart and attentive and bought BioShock for $5 in ..."
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BioShock Novel to Be Published by Tor Books

Related Topics – BioShock

BioShock is set to expand into literary realms this fall with a novel published by sci-fi and fantasy publisher Tor Books, according to a book catalogue received by Gamasutra.

An included sample page is credited to BioShock writer and creative director Ken Levine, but Gamasutra speculates this might credit concepts not authorship. All that's certain is that the novel will run 400 pages and be available in hardcover and paperback. Read more »

"I feel that books are a much stronger story-telling tool than video games, hands down. For me, ..."
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Budget Puts BioShock Movie in 'Holding Pattern'

Related Topics – BioShock, xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Hollywood

The film adaptation of 2K Boston and Australia's BioShock (PC, PS3, 360) has been put in a "holding pattern" over budget concerns, director Gore Verbinski informed Variety.

"We were asked by Universal to move the film outside the U.S. to take advantage of a tax credit," the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy director explained. "We are evaluating whether this is something we want to do...the film is in a holding pattern." Read more »

""We were asked by Universal to move the film outside the U.S. and into a tax haven so we could ..."
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