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Old SF2 Characters Return in Street Fighter 4

The identities of six more Street Fighter IV combatants have been disclosed in the latest issue of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. Unsurprisingly, all of the fighters are returning favorites from Capcom's beloved Street Fighter II games:

  • Blanka, the green-skinned conductor of electricity Read more »

"i eagerly await both this and the hd remix. I really want the hd remix to do well especially, ..."
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New Street Fighter 4 Screens Convey Emotion

For your viewing pleasure, Shacknews presents a handful of new screenshots from Capcom's Street Fighter IV, showcasing the game's detailed facial expressions.

Street Fighter IV will make its playable debut at the AOU 2008 Amusement Expo in Japan on February 15. No platforms have yet been specified for the game's release.

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"Is this a joke? Seriously, is this a joke? I wonder if on April 1st Capcom is going to yell ..."
- Spok    See all 32 comments

Street Fighter 4 Makes Public Debut Next Month

Fighting fans climbing up the walls in anticipation for the latest installment in Capcom's Street Fighter franchise, take notice: Street Fighter IV will make its playable debut in Japan on February 15.

Street Fighter IV project manager Natsuki Shiozawa announced on the game's official Japanese blog that the game would make its first playable appearance at next month's AOU 2008 Amusement Expo. Attendance of the Japanese trade show is limited to industry members on its first day, though it opens to the public on the second. Read more »

"Im more excited for SF2 HD than for SF4 for some reason. I'm excited both are coming out though "
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New Street Fighter 4 Media Emerges

Capcom has officially released the first five screenshots of the long-awaited Street Fighter IV.

Though a number of SF4 details have been made public, the company has yet to announce exactly when the fighter will arrive and which systems it will appear on. Read more »

"Now, where've I seen this before? Talk about being chained to your roots, designwise. ..."
- ornee    See all 44 comments

Additional Street Fighter 4 Details Surface

Seems like even more Street Fighter IV details are making the way on to the internet

after the little taste we had

just a few hours ago. The latest bit of info actually comes from a Brazilian blog called Read more »

"Blogeek seems to be offline/down (shitty website). Any alternative links to their "early ..."
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Street Fighter 4: A New Beginning Teaser Trailer

Following word of the ridiculously long-awaited Street Fighter IV, we now present a brief teaser trailer that proves Capcom can indeed count to four. Said to arrive no earlier than 2009, the game's platform or platforms have yet to be revealed, but still, enjoy!

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"Man I wish the game LOOKE LIKE THAT!!!!!!! Well at least if its anime I hope is super smooth and ..."
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