Battlestations: Pacific

PC, XB360 / Action / Release: May 12, 2009 / ESRB: T

Battlestations: Pacific PC Demo Released

By Nick Breckon, Apr 30, 2009 5:08pm PDT

The PC demo for Eidos' action/strategy World War II title Battlestations: Pacific was released today. Grab the 1.27GB demo on FileShack. The...


"I must say this demo is seriously fun. The planes flight model feel really good - once you get ..."

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Battlestations: Pacific Demo Coming Next Week

By Chris Faylor, Apr 22, 2009 4:10pm PDT

A downloadable demo of Eidos Studios Hungary's upcoming Battlestations: Pacific will hit Xbox 360 and PC next week on April 30, publisher Eidos...


"As an old "Aces of the Pacific" fan in my early teenage years, I pray this implementation of the ..."

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Battlestations: Pacific Trailer Captures The Island

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 21, 2009 3:51am PST

Eidos sends along another Battlestations: Pacific trailer, highlighting one of the game's five multiplayer campaigns.The minute-long" Island Capture" trailer shows how you switch between naval and aerial combat and real-time strategy map battles.


"this game was awesome with a few players on each side. swapping units and coordinating. it ..."

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Battlestations: Pacific Attacks in Trailer, Screenshots

By Chris Faylor, Jan 06, 2009 10:12am PST

Eidos Studios Hungary has fired a salvo of new media, offering up a trailer and screenshots from its sea-and-air WWII combat game Battlestations: Pacific.


"I just got done reading a book on the Battle off Samar (it's the U.S. Navy version of the battle ..."

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Battlestations: Pacific Trailer Recreates History

By Chris Faylor, Dec 22, 2008 1:24pm PST

A new trailer for Eidos Studios Hungary's Battlestations: Pacific has arrived, examining the game's development through some new footage and personal appearances by certain team members. The PC and Xbox 360 sea-and-air combat title hits next year.


"Battlestation: Midway was a true masterpiece. Really fun game I still play it a lot even after ..."

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Battlestations: Pacific Trailers Offer Two Perspectives

By Nick Breckon, Nov 11, 2008 2:04pm PST

Eidos has released two trailers for its sequel to Battlestations: Midway, offering the perspectives of both the US and Japanese factions to reflect the action-strategy title's dual campaigns. Battlestations: Pacific is set to be released Febr


"Battlestations: Midway was pretty fun. Multiplayer was hilarious when you had an aircraft ..."

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EALA Admits 'Chronic Issue' with PC Game Support, Forms Dedicated Patch Team

By Chris Faylor, Jul 07, 2008 9:15am PDT

Command & Conquer 3 developer EA Los Angeles has admitted that it has had a "chronic issue [with product support] for more than four years," and is...


"FIX CNC GENERALS and Zero Hour CHEAT (maphack) system, and revive your sales and spirit EA. "

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Contest Wrapup: Command & Conquer 3 Sweepstakes

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Jun 24, 2008 3:16pm PDT

Being an evil mastermind is a rather demanding job, and one that doesn't really allow the time for proper exploration of career alternatives. Given...


Battlestations: Pacific Trailer Is Rather Impressive

By Chris Faylor, Jun 20, 2008 9:33am PDT

We try not to inject much opinion into our news, but honestly, this trailer for Eidos Hungary's sea and air-combat effort Battlestations: Pacific...


"The first game had a lot of promise, but fell apart when it came to strategy. I am really hoping ..."

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C&C3: Kane's Wrath 360 Producer Talks Console Controls, Exclusive Content, Future Games

By Chris Faylor, Jun 19, 2008 10:09am PDT

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath marks the third real-time strategy game EA Los Angeles has brought to Xbox 360. One of the major claims this time...


EA Investigating Standalone Game Expansions, Remembers C&C Generals Universe

By Chris Faylor, Jun 19, 2008 8:06am PDT

Next week's Xbox 360 release of EA LA's Command & Conquer 3 expansion Kane's Wrath will help the developer "test the waters" regarding standalone...


"I still love the term "stand-alone expansion". These things are simply smaller/shorter games ..."

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New C&C3: Kane's Wrath Screens Scrambled

By Aaron Linde, Jun 18, 2008 5:00pm PDT

Publisher Electronic Arts has passed in two new screenshots of the Xbox 360 version of EA Los Angeles' Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath (PC, 360),...


"Take a look at these two screen shots. Does it look ANYTHING like C&C 1? Does it even look ..."

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C&C3: Kane's Wrath Hits Xbox 360 June 23

By Chris Faylor, Jun 09, 2008 9:37am PDT

EA Los Angeles' Xbox 360 port of Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath is complete and will be in stores June 23, publisher Electronic Arts announced...


"Oh yeah, I bought this game for the PC a while back. I should really play more than 5 missions..."

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Battlestations: Pacific Preview

By Aaron Linde, Feb 29, 2008 10:52am PST

Unlike most World War II titles, Eidos Studios Hungary's upcoming action-tactics hybrid Battlestations: Pacific focuses on sea and air combat over...


Battlestations: Pacific Announced

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 29, 2008 3:57am PST

The 2007 action strategy game Battlestations: Midway will receive a sequel, publisher Eidos announced today. Like its predecessor, Battlestations:...


"Oh man... Medster, Plat2on1, and I had a blast tearing up bitches on Live... pity that it wasn't ..."

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