Battlefield 2

PC / Action / Release: Jun 21, 2005 / ESRB: T

Battlefield 2 1.21 Patch News

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 21, 2006 6:26am PST

According to a new community update on the official Battlefield 2 site, the development team is working hard on a 1.21 patch to resolve all the new...


"I'm still waiting on a drastic price drop of the game before I pick up a copy. I love BF1942 ..."

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Battlefield 2: Euro Force Movie

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 15, 2006 5:02pm PST

EA has released a gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2: Euro Force, showing off the upcoming "booster pack" mini-expansion. Euro Force is due out...


"I think it's funny that when you connect to the official EA servers it still says the release ..."

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Battlefield 2 1.2 Patch Released

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 14, 2006 10:40am PST

Sorry for the delay in getting this up but over at FileShack we now have the Battlefield 2 1.2 patch which updates v1.12 of the game. The 82mb...


"Me and conrete played for a while tonight. AA is way better. We got killed probably 3-4 times a ..."

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Battlefield 2 1.2 Patch Soon

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 13, 2006 12:42pm PST

EA's Battlefield 2 website has a new community update, mentioning that the long awaited 1.2 patch for the game is in "the final stages of its...


"the coolest thing about the alpha 1.2 video is the ability to pick up unused C4. i hope they ..."

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On Battlefield 2 1.2 Patch, Booster Pack

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 31, 2006 11:35am PST

There's a new post by AJ Marini on the EA Games UK forums (thanks Wolfgaming), offering the latest news on the 1.2 patch and Euro Force booster...


"where can i read more about these booster packs? i havent been keeping up w/ this game lately"

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Battlefield 2 Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 21, 2006 5:12am PST

Total Battlefield 2 has posted yet another Q&A with Armando Marini of DICE, asking him more community submitted questions about the game. Topics...


"BOOSTER PACKS!? Man EA really shits on its loyal BF2 fans royally. First we get the not so ..."

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Battlefield 2 Patch News

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 19, 2006 7:45am PST

A new community update has been posted on the official Battlefield 2 website. The update adds three more items being fixed by the upcoming 1.2...


"What the hell is wrong with you guys? There should be at least 20 posts in here by now about ..."

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Battlefield 2 Mod Tools Update

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 15, 2006 1:44pm PST

A new release of the Battlefield 2 mod tools is now available, bringing the content creation utilities up to date with the v1.12 game code.


Battlefield 2 Booster Pack Chat

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 15, 2006 1:35pm PST

GameSpy Arcade will host a Battlefield 2 booster pack interview on Tuesday, with lead level designer Tom Galt attending. The chat will start a 6PM...


"Man I remember that last time they had a Q&A like this for BFV. Some one came into the IRC ..."

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Battlefield 2 Patch Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 12, 2006 6:09am PST

TotalBattlefield2.com has yet another Battlefield 2 Q&A with DICE's Armando Marini trying hard to not say anything of substance about the upcoming...


"Nice to see TotalBF2 didn't totally slurp their rods like a lot of other interviewers usually ..."

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Battlefield 2: Euro Force Screenshots

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 12, 2006 6:01am PST

Following yesterday's Battlefield 2: Euro Force details (see story), EA has released six screenshots showing off this first booster pack.


"I installed BF2 SF today and I still can't bind LEFT SHIFT to anything because theres a conflict ..."

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Battlefield 2 Booster Pack News

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 11, 2006 12:17pm PST

EA's Battlefield 2 has a new community update, offering new information on the previously announced Booster Packs that are being released this...


"I'm waiting for some decent free booster packs called MODS. Forgotten Hope 2 in particular. "

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Battlefield 2 Patch Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 28, 2005 6:42am PST

There's a new Battlefield 2 patch Q&A on Total Battlefield 2, asking DICE's Armando Marini a bit more about what they are working on. Questions are...


"Well, still no word on whether or not they've changed the patching schemes, just gameplay ..."

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Battlefield 2 Booster Packs Coming

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 22, 2005 5:47pm PST

DICE has issued this press release, announcing that the digital download of Battlefield 2 Special Forces was a success, and that Booster Packs are...


"Extra banana clip $10, Extra smoke grenade $10, bulletproof jockstrap, priceless. But seriously ..."

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Battlefield 2 Patch Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 22, 2005 6:00am PST

The guys at TotalBF2.com have posted a new Q&A with Armando Marini, asking the DICE producer about the next Battlefield 2 patch. Armando is asked...


"Why dont they just make your accuracy worst while jumping. No more jumping to toss c4 on flag it ..."

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