Batman: Arkham City

PC, XB360, PS3 / Action / Release: Nov 15, 2011 / ESRB: T

Batman: Arkham City due in October

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 11, 2011 8:30am PST

Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed. The sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum is due out on October 18, it's been announced.


Interview: Dax Ginn from Rocksteady on the psychology of Batman: Arkham City

By Xav de Matos, Mar 10, 2011 4:00pm PST

Shacknews speaks with marketing game manager Dax Ginn at Rocksteady Studios about continuing the adventure of the caped crusader in Batman: Arkham City...


Batman: Arkham City Preview

By Xav de Matos, Mar 03, 2011 8:30am PST

We take a trip, deep into the heart of the new crime-filled Arkham City with the Dark Knight as our guide. This is Batman: Arkham City from developer Rocksteady...


Batman: Arkham City Screens Bring Us Face to Face with The Joker

By Xav de Matos, Feb 16, 2011 2:15pm PST

Rocksteady's 2009 title Batman: Arkham Asylum did a lot for the comic book franchise. It proved Batman could star in a great game, although he's...


"/troll this game is totally going to blow without multiplayer"

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Batman: Arkham City Director Says Game is 'Single-Player Only'

By Steve Watts, Feb 14, 2011 9:00am PST

Dispelling long-standing rumors, Batman: Arkham City director Sefton Hill has confirmed that the game is a "single-player only" experience. "With...


"Good. Arkham asylum was an amazing game and I think any compromise in how it works to ..."

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Daily Filter: February 2, 2011

By Xav de Matos, Feb 02, 2011 6:00pm PST

Shacknews receives a slew of new screenshots and trailers for upcom


Video Games of 2011 We Can't Wait to Play: Jeff

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 25, 2011 2:00pm PST

2011 is shaping up to be a great year for video games. Here at Shacknews we've pored over the treasure trove of titles coming this year and each...


"I'd be happy just to hear an official announcement on Homeworld 3."

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Spike VGA 2010 Recap: Mass Effect 3, Forza 4, Uncharted 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and More

By Xav de Matos, Dec 13, 2010 3:00pm PST

On Saturday night, the 2010 Spike VGAs were presented, showcasing a slew of new trailers for games stretching out as far as the year...


"didn't Forza have a relationship with BBC's Top Gear, not the History Channel one? Which one is ..."

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Batman: Arkham City Trailer Reveals Bruce's Dark Secret Has Been Discovered

By Xav de Matos, Dec 11, 2010 5:18pm PST

In the first official trailer for Batman: Arkham City, we learn that the second crime-fighting title from Rocksteady will involve Batman battling against Professor Hugo Strange. In the trailer, St


"I dig the consistency. Comics-wise, Hugo Strange has known Batman = Bruce Wayne for a very long ..."

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Batman: Arkham City Trailer Teases Spike VGA Trailer

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 09, 2010 8:00am PST

What's better than a trailer without a lick of in-game footage? A pre-rendered trailer for another trailer, such as this new moving picture sequence for Batman: Arkham City.


"Just me or S VGA is a total joke that no real gamer cares about?"

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Batman: Arkham City Gets First Official Bat-Screens

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 11, 2010 8:00am PDT

The first officially-released screenshots of Batman: Arkham City have arrived, showing The Dark Knight pummeling the cowardly and superstitious...


"Judging from the screens, the sequel appears a bit more sandboxier than the original. I hope it ..."

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Batman Adds 'Interrogation' to his Crime-fighting Resume in Arkham City

By Xav de Matos, Sep 30, 2010 8:40am PDT

Batman's "Detective Mode" is set to get an upgrade in Arkham City, according to the latest issue of UK's PSM3 magazine [via CVG]. Batman: Arkham...


"Just what I asked for after playing the first one! I hope to hear one of my favorite lines while ..."

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Alleged Batman: Arkham City Screenshots Appear Online, Quickly Pulled

By Xav de Matos, Sep 01, 2010 10:10am PDT

The detectives at NeoGAF discovered a number of screenshots allegedly from Batman: Arkham City, the caped crusader's upcoming adventure in a...


"I loved the first one but it was a bit on the short side , might rant that one"

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Caped Crusader Battles Crime in Batman: Arkham City on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in Fall 2011

By Xav de Matos, Aug 05, 2010 9:30am PDT

The upcoming sequel to the critically and commercially acclaimed Batman-based, crime-fighting simulator has officially been awarded a proper name....


"Can't wait... If I had to make a choice I'd much rather have this than a 3rd Movie at this point."

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Sequel Announced

By Alice O'Connor and Chris Faylor, Dec 12, 2009 5:03pm PST

The Spike Video Game Awards opened with a trailer revealing the previously unknown seq


"I really hope they expand out to more DC heroes some day too. Granted Batman is my favorite so ..."

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