Arx Fatalis

PC / RPG / Release: Nov 12, 2002 / ESRB: M


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Daily Filter: January 14, 2011

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Today's Filter features F.E.A.R. 3, Might & Magic Heroes VI, Darkspore, Mortal Kombat, Bulletstorm, SBK 2011, Fight Night Champion, Sequence, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Total War: Shogun 2, Rift, and Lord of Arcana. Read more »

"I'm excited about Heroes 6. I'm ready to see what Blackhole Entertainment can do with the series."
- DragonSire    See all 8 comments

Arx Fatalis Source Code Released

Over eight years after launching, Arkane Studios' RPG Arx Fatalis, has received a new patch and, more excitingly, had its source code released.

Patch 1.21 improves compatibility with modern systems, which means that if you fancy poking around under the hood of Arx Fatalis, you can safely do so--without first risking your beautiful, beautiful skin attempting to remove the angry, clawing family of possums nesting there. Read more »

"This is probably a good sign. Back when id Software was bought by ZeniMax, there were a lot ..."
- Schnapple    See all 21 comments

Arx Fatalis 1.17 Patches

I see on Blues' that JoWood has released new Arx Fatalis patches, which you can also find on FileShack. The new 1.17 release fixes a crash related to the inventory, and a sound settings bug.

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New Arx Fatalis Patch

Arkane Studios has released a new patch for their first person RPG Arx Fatalis, updating the different language versions to v1.16 and fixing a few bugs. Thanks 3D Gamers.

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Arx Fatalis Post Mortem

RPG Dot today has an Arx Fatalis post mortem, written by Arkane Studios lead designer Raphael Colantonio. As usual with these type of articles, there's a section about things that went right and a section about things that went wrong during development of this game.

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"Fun game, too short though. Needed about four-six times amount of game."
- trove    See all 9 comments

New Arx Fatalis Patch

JoWood has updated the Arx Fatalis website with a new release of the 1.15 patch, fixing additional gameplay issues while keeping the version number the same. You can also find the patches on FileShack. Thanks 3D Gamers.

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Arx Fatalis Patches

JoWood has released a new patch for their role playing game Arx Fatalis, available for the English, French and German versions of the game. The patch adds an on-screen mini-map and fixes some bugs. Thanks Blues News.

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"35 minutes to wait for this dl on the shack? LOL. Took seconds on 3d Gamers."
- ornee    See all 3 comments

Arx Fatalis Interview

GameSpy's Arx Fatalis Q&A is up, getting project leader Raphael Colantonio to answer a few questions about this first person RPG. Questions are about game mechanics, creating your own items, experience points, hidden items and quests, why the game has conventional goblins and dragons fantasy, and what the company plans to do next.

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"Ive played a bit of the full version. It's definately got atmosphere, although some of the ..."
- porn on the cob    See all 3 comments

Arx Fatalis Patch

A new patch for the English and German version of Arx Fatalis has been released, updating the game to version 1.14. Thanks Blues News.

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"I'd patch the english version if I could friggin buy it... where is it?"
- tunis5000    See all 5 comments

Updated Arx Fatalis Demo

3D Gamers let us know about an updated English language Arx Fatallis demo, which is being released now though the files have a June 21 date (Update: looks like two data files and the .exe file are from September 13, so it's not that old after all). Same content as before, just an updated codebase. You can grab it from FileShack here.

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"someone download it and let me know if the performance is better. You have 10 minutes"
- freakord    See all 5 comments

Arx Fatalis Preview

There's an Arx Fatalis preview on GameSpot tonight, offering some impressions of this first person RPG from Arkane Studios. Included with the preview are fourteen new screenshots.

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"i have a mental concept that thief 3 looks similar to this... don't know why..."
- kramweil    See all 4 comments

Arx Fatalis Q&A

Gamers Hell's Arx Fatalis Q&A is up, quizzing Raphael Colantonio of Arkane Studios about this first person RPG.

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Arx Fatalis German Demo

For all of you who speak German, the JoWood Arx Fatalis site now has a final demo for this first person RPG. It's a 156.4mb download. Thanks Blues News.

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"link doesn't work for the download.....anyone have any success?"
- zenares    See all 2 comments

Arx Fatalis Interview

Arkane CEO Raphael Colantonio has been interviewed on HomeLAN Fed, where he gets to answer questions about the upcoming first person RPG Arx Fatalis. JCal asks Raphael where they got the idea for the game from, comparisons between this game and Ultima Underworld, the player characters available in the game, the spell system, NPCs in the world, and of course more.

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"If the demo is anything to go by, they should have got this one out the door before Morrowind ..."
- Dreagon    See all 3 comments

Arx Fatalis Screenshots

GamePro has been updated with nine new screenshots from Arx Fatalis, the first person role playing game.

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"I thought the demo of this game had promise. Unfortunately they're going to get BURIED by NWN ..."
- johnny rotten    See all 2 comments

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