Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

DS / Adventure / Release: Feb 19, 2008 / ESRB: U


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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Flash Demo Released, Full Game Hits February 19

True to its promise, Capcom has delivered a Flash demo of the upcoming Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (NDS), the fourth game in the formerly Phoenix Wright-helmed courtroom adventure series.

The demo, which contains a portion of the game's first trial and is playable through any Flash-enabled web browser, can be found here. Read more »

"I think the phrase "For great justice!" applies to this game, on several levels."
- mysteryperfecta    See all 38 comments

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Arrives Feb. 12

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth entry in Capcom's previously Phoenix Wright-led adventure series, hits the Nintendo DS on February 12.

A Flash demo will be available through the game's official site later this month. A downloadable demo of the game will be released soon via the Nintendo DS Download Stations that are scattered about retailers. Read more »

"I really liked the lack of craziness in the earlier Phoenix Wright cases. I know it's ..."
- jake2000    See all 24 comments

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