All Points Bulletin

PC / RPG / Release: Mar 2, 2010 / ESRB: M

First Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screenshot Hits

By Chris Faylor, Jun 09, 2010 12:40pm PDT

After taking the wraps off Deux Ex: Human Revolution and its E3 2010 trailer, publisher Square Enix has now officially released the first...


"Chest-high walls, yep. Yurgh. Nice detail on some of the desk accoutrements, though. Does ..."

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 Trailer Arrives

By Chris Faylor, Jun 04, 2010 8:50am PDT

[Update] We've replaced the German trailer with the subtitle-free English edition. [Original] The new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer...


"SquareEnix obviously had a strong hand in design. It seems almost like a ff7,... and he has ..."

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APB Minium Specs Accompany Screenshots

By Chris Faylor, Jun 03, 2010 2:40pm PDT

As Realtime Worlds prepares to unleash its online cops and robbers game APB: All Points Bulletin, the developer has issued several new screenshots...


"Does this game bear any relation to the *awesome* *awesome* 80's driver arcade game of the same ..."

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Teaser Images; New Video Coming Soon

By Brian Leahy, Jun 01, 2010 7:00pm PDT

Publisher Square Enix has released a few still images (seen below) from a new teaser trailer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from Eidos Montreal.


"Bring it on, I had the second game on xbox and thought it was awesome. Wouldn't mind playing ..."

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APB Still Planned for Console as "Different Game"

By Brian Leahy, May 31, 2010 3:00pm PDT

In an interview with Develop (via Gamasutra), All Points Bulletin (APB) lead designer EJ Moreland revealed that console versions of the game are...


"I watched alot of videos of this game and not one of them got me remotely interested in it. ..."

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APB Trailer Sets the Scene

By Alice O'Connor, May 27, 2010 6:20am PDT

APB publisher EA has released the crime MMO's opening cinematic, explaining how the city of San Paro came to play host to open warfare between punky cops and punks. Operating somewhat differe


"I'm in the beta. I don't know if it breaks the NDA to say this, but I won't include details out ..."

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APB Trailer Talks Customization, Districts

By Brian Leahy, May 14, 2010 3:00pm PDT

Chris Collins, social media and communities manager for APB, discusses the open-world, online action game's customization options and three districts that will be available when the game is released.


"To be honest, I have zero interest in playing this type of game (ie. ..."

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Electronic Arts Updates Its Release Schedule, Seemingly Confirms Dead Space 2 PC

By Chris Faylor, May 11, 2010 1:22pm PDT

As mega-publisher Electronic Arts begins to detail its annual earnings, the company has also issued a revised schedule detailing its "key titles"...


"I'm gonna be pissed if I come here tomorrow and see an update posted with an EA exec clarifying ..."

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APB Payment Model, Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 30, 2010 7:00am PDT

Realtime Worlds' cops vs. robbers MMO APB will run under a pay-as-you-play payment model when it launches on June 29, publisher EA announced today. Fifty hours of playtime is included with the $50 full game, which will run down as players enagag


"I was so exited because this was going to be the replacement of L4D2 which i play regularly, BUT ..."

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APB Trailer: Cheese It! It's the Fuzz!

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 29, 2010 8:37am PDT

APB developer Realtime Worlds has released a new trailer for its Grand Theft Auto-style cops vs. robbers MMO with over six minutes of gameplay, action shots and dev chat. APB is currently in closed beta and scheduled for release on PC


"This looks awesome, even though GTA games bore me. Might check this out if they community ..."

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New APB Screens Show Action, HUD

By Brian Leahy, Mar 26, 2010 11:00am PDT

All Points Bulletin (APB) is currently in closed beta on the PC. The persistent-online action game pits cops against robbers and is being designed...


""An Xbox 360 version was planned, but it seems to have fallen off of the radar. " ..."

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Deus Ex 3 Trailer Introduces Human Revolution

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 12, 2010 5:40am PST

Deus Ex 3 is now officially named Deus Ex: Human Revolution, developer Eidos Montreal revealed during GDC yesterday with a swish new cinematic trailer. The trailer--created with Square Enix


"You say you want a revolution--well, you know... we all want to change the world."

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EA Reveals Release Windows of Major Games: Crysis 2, New Dragon Age, Sims and Much More

By Chris Faylor, Feb 08, 2010 1:33pm PST

Curious as to what mega-publisher Electronic Arts has up its sleeve for the next year? Wonder no more, as the company today issued a breakdown...


"As little as a year ago I'd have never guessed that EA will be a major 'savior' of PC gaming in ..."

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All Points Bulletin Trailer: Gimme That Punk

By Chris Faylor, Sep 18, 2009 9:22am PDT

Developer Realtime Worlds and publishing partner EA have issued a new trailer for All Points Bulletin, which is, in essence, a massively multiplayer Grand Theft Auto. Audio Bullys' "Gimme That Punk" is featured in this montage of car chases, ur


"wow, this the best media they've released by fucking miles. 100 people playing GTA in the same ..."

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Crackdown Dev Working on Second 'Ambitious' MMO

By Nick Breckon, Jun 23, 2009 2:25pm PDT

Realtime Worlds, developer of Crackdown and the upcoming GTA-esque MMO All Points Bulletin, is working on a "very ambitious" second MMO, according...


"If they just take the customization tech and throw us in a Sci-Fi Shadowrun type MMO action RPG, ..."

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