Aliens RPG [Cancelled]

PC, XB360, PS3 / RPG / Release: Nov 30, 1999 / ESRB: U


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13 minutes of Obsidian's cancelled Aliens RPG

13 minutes of Obsidian's cancelled Aliens RPG

While Aliens fans lick the acid from wounds inflicted by Colonial Marines, 13 minutes of gameplay from a development version of Obsidian Entertainment's cancelled squad-based RPG Aliens: Crucible have surfaced. It's clearly not finished, but if you want to squint and daydream about what could have been, please do.

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Obsidian's Cancelled Aliens RPG Footage Leaks

The very first gameplay footage of Obsidian's cancelled Aliens RPG has emerged from the depths of the Internet, spotted by superannuation and confirmed as an authentic "extremely early pre-production build" by Obsidian (via Blend Games).

Though low-resolution and murky, the footage shall probably remain the best in-game look at the Aliens RPG. Little was heard from the title following its announcement in 2006 until several rumours of cancellation and a denial from publisher Sega, then in 2009 Obsidian Entertainment declared it was "no longer a product that is in development."

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"Oh my god it was going to be like Mass Effect as well :( You are the one who is gay Sega, ..."
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Obsidian's Aliens RPG Officially Nuked from Orbit

Developer Obsidian and publisher Sega have officially confirmed that the Aliens RPG project has been canceled.

In a post on the company's official forums, noticed by Giant Bomb, Obsidian said that it was "no longer working on the game," adding that Aliens RPG is "no longer a product that is in development." Read more »

"This is really too bad. I really enjoyed Obsidians games, as buggy and rushed as they tended to ..."
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Aliens RPG Cancelled, Says Ex-Obsidian Staffer

Rumors that publisher Sega has canned Obsidian's long-in-development Aliens RPG have apparently been confirmed by former Obsidian designer David Kondor.

Kondor's LinkedIn lists him as a "designer for canceled third-person action Aliens RPG" at Obsidian from April 2008 to February 2009, as noticed by Strategy Infromer. Read more »

"I was pretty psyched when I heard that there isn't just one, but two Alien games in development. ..."
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Obsidian, Gearbox Developing Aliens Games

The sharp eyes at Gaming Target noticed that an Aliens teaser page on revealed two companies involved with the new Aliens games mentioned this morning. The page, since updated, listed both Obsidian Entertainment and Gearbox Software in the copyright section. Obsidian most recently worked on Neverwinter Nights 2, while Gearbox is best known for the Brothers in Arms games. It's not much of a surprise seeing these two companies involved, as the official press release announcing the deal between Sega and 20th Century Fox mentions the development of a role playing game as well as a first person shooter. The press release also corrects this morning's Hollywood Reporter story in saying the first game will be released in 2009, not 2008.

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"I'm a TOTAL FAN of the ALIEN movies (esp. Aliens). And I think AvP and AvP2 did a fine job of ..."
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