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Achron demo and price cut open up time travel

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Achron demo and price cut open up time travel

Any RTS player worth their salt knows that time is a valuable resource, but rarely as literally as in Achron. Given that time is money, if we factor in Hazardous Software releasing a demo for the time-travelling RTS and cutting its price, we end up with the nice, round number of 42. Whatever that means.

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"Sadly, those who have already bought Achron cannot skip back to the past and buy at the new, ..."
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Indie Jeff's Weekly Picks: September 5-10

Indie Jeff's Weekly Picks: September 5-10

I'd like to begin this week's post with a bit of news about Achron, Hazardous Software's recently-released RTS that features a mind-blowing time travel mechanic. This past week when Hazardous patched the game to improve pathfinding and such, they also announced that each purchase of a new copy (including pre-orders and past purchases) will now include an extra copy of the game that can be gifted to a friend. I think it's a pretty good move to give the game some extra exposure, given that Achron is at its best when played online versus human opponents. Ozzie's review is pretty much in-line with how I feel: While the game has some foibles, the time-travelling stuff is the most revolutionary mechanic I've seen in a RTS game in ages.

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Achron review

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Achron review

Hazardous Software's Achron takes the real-time strategy (RTS) games and adds a whole new dimension: time travel. Set in the 37th century, starship commander Captain Holloway leads a troop of dispersed humans on a mission to fend off an alien invasion across over 30 levels.

RTS novices need not apply when considering Achron, anyone who has trouble with RTS mechanics like resource management and unit building will find the game's learning curve to be wildly steep. The tutorial doesn't come across as helpful, as many of the new concepts the game introduces take several sessions to even comprehend, much less master. However, RTS aficionados will feel right at home with Achron, especially once they learn the various uses of the time travel system.

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Indie Jeff's Weekly Picks: August 22-26

Indie Jeff's Weekly Picks: August 22-26

I'll go ahead get this out of the way first: If you haven't already checked out the free demo for Owlboy that was released by D-Pad Studio this past week--and have a soft spot for beautiful retro art and platforming adventures--I highly recommend doing so. It provides a good-sized vertical slice of gameplay, features a lot of clever gameplay elements, and should be more than enough to help you decide whether you should snap it up once it's released.

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Time Travel RTS 'Achron' Pre-Orders Pack Alpha Demo

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Hazardous Software is now accepting pre-orders for its time travel-based PC real-time strategy Achron at $29.95 and offering tempting bonuses, Big Download noticed.

While Achron is not scheduled for release until January 1, 2011, pre-orderers will receive early goodies over the coming year including an alpha singleplayer demo straight away, a multiplayer release in February and level editor in April, as detailed on the schedule. Read more »

"I thought making this kind of game would be absolutely impossible. Guess I suck. I'll be ..."
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Time Travel RTS Achron Revealed

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Promising "the next revolution in time travel gameplay," developer Hazardous Software has pulled back the curtain on its "gimmick-free" real-time strategy game Achron.

The ambitious title lets players "jump to and play at different times simultaneously and independently." The act of time travel does not require any sacrifice, but players will need to spend energy to actually change or modify events, such as a past defeat. Read more »

"Having been a star trek fan for far too long, I can tell you that the idea of a time travel ..."
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