Quake Champions Servers Getting Fragged by Overwhelming Demand

Bethesda and id Software sent out the first wave of invites for Quake Champions closed beta beginning today—too many, it seems, because developers are scrambling to meet demand.

"Due to overwhelming demand, we're working to increase Closed Beta server capacity for our first wave users. Thanks for your patience," per the official Quake Champions Twitter account.

Quake Champions looks to pack even more punch than a rocket launcher augmented by quad damage. The development team has released a steady stream of information such as details on the game's pricing structure and what map you can expect to play in the closed beta.

Once they get their servers shored up, and assuming the game turns out even half as excellent as Quake 3, id should be able to ride a wave of momentum into this year's QuakeCon, for which you can register and reserve a spot in the BYOC by exchanging cold, hard cash for reservation packages.

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