Mass Effect: Andromeda Launches Apex Multiplayer Missions

Mass Effect: Andromeda has had its early problems with the single-player game, mostly centering on its laughable animations and some crew interactions. If you've been a bit frustrated by those, then you may want to try the first story-based Apex mission that just launched for free. 

The mission, entitled Drack's Missing Scouts, focuses on Krogan patrols that have mysteriously vanished while near a kett base known as Firebase Paradox. The base was created around some Remnant artifacts that are being exported off-world.

The Apex missions are designed for your campaign character as additional story-driven multiplayer affairs. It gives the player at chance at new rewards for completing them, although BioWare has yet to specifically outline what those rewards are. Players will also be able to try out new characters. In this mission, a Krogan Gladiator is introduced. Krogans are already fierce warriors, but this female also has biotic abilities to give her an extra wallop in combat.

Apex missions will only be available for a limited time, and this one ends on March 27. The mission can be accessed through the multiplayer menu or through the Apex selection screen in the single-player campaign.

It's interesting that this new content is already being released less than a week after Mass Effect: Andromeda went live. BioWare and EA have been stung by all the bad publicity generated by the animation and gameplay issues in the Early Access version. BioWare released a day-one patch when the game was released to the masses that addressed some issues, and Lead Designer Ian Frazier tweeted that BioWare is looking at "patching lots of issues" as it supports the game going forward.

Maybe the free Apex mission during week one of launch is a first step.

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