World of Goo for Nintendo Switch Can Use a Joy-Con As a Pointer

World of Goo is out now for the Nintendo Switch for $9.99, and trying to play it for the first time may surprise you a bit. It's like playing it on the Wii or Wii U, but without the sensor bar.

The game, from developer 2D Boy, is one of the first to use the gyroscopic sensor inside the Joy-Con to allow players to turn the controller into a pointer. You first need to put it on a flat surface to help calibrate it properly, but then it works efficiently as the Wii U controller did, although the mechanics are slightly different. The Joy-Con sensors detect how you are moving the controller and then extrapolate the data to the screen after the cursor is centered.

You then hit the plus or minus buttons on either controller to mark the center of the screen as you aim it. this method also allows both Joy-Cons to be used in this way in two-player co-op.

Here's a look at how it works, courtesy of Daan Koopman via Twitter:

The game can still be played in portable mode using the touchscreen, but it is nice to actually see the pointer functionality in action. This could also suggest that Wii ports are viable options on the Switch, even without a sensor bar, seeing as its gyroscope can apparently imitate it reasonably well.

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