Mass Effect: Andromeda Not Working? How to Fix the Black Screen Bug

Those trying out Mass Effect: Andromeda for the first time today may have noticed a black screen at startup. There are several fixes available, and a program responsible for coordinating some peripherals seems to be the biggest culprit.

The Corsair Utility Engine lets you configure settings for certain keyboards, mice, and headphones. Click Start and type "Programs and Features" to see a list of the apps installed on your Windows machine. If you find Corsair Utility Engine, try uninstalling it and launching Mass Effect: Andromeda again. At worst, removing Corsair will delete user profiles you've configured for your devices. Hopefully BioWare patches this issue in time for the game's release next week.

You may get a black screen even if you don't have Corsair Utility Engine installed on your PC. In that case, open Mass Effect: Andromeda and press Alt + Enter to switch the game from fullscreen to windowed mode. Another option is to open the folder where you installed Andromeda and double-click MassEffectAndromedaTrial.exe.

If those solutions don't do the trick, disable your firewall. Your computer's safety is a small price to pay to tour the galaxy alongside Ryder, no?

[Source: Windows Report]

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