Microsoft Has the Windows 10 Creators Update Final Version Almost Ready

Microsoft's latest comprehensive patch to Windows 10, Creators Update, is starting the process of finalization. The Verge reports Creators Update is in the last stages of development, though a general release date hasn't been revealed yet. For now, Microsoft is planning to begin distributing Windows 10 Creators Update starting in early April with the new version of Windows 10 rolling out through the entire month.

Microsoft intends to distribute the final versions of Windows 10 Creators Update release candidate next week to testers. Once a single release candidate has been chosen, Windows Insiders should have access to it by the end of March for testing. For any minor issues that crop up after the final release candidate is chosen, but before Windows 10 Creators Update rolls out to the public, Microsoft will create patches that may be required to install alongside the Creators Update.

Windows 10 Creators Update will be bringing a host of new features to Windows 10. Improved native in-game broadcasting, mixed reality headset support, and a new game mode that will help boost the performance of Win32 and 64-bit games are most pertinent to gamers. However, there will also be improvements to Microsoft Edge, a new 3D Paint app, and picture-in-picture mode included as new features.

We'll let you know just how Windows 10 Creators Update stacks up and how to use its new features when it releases sometime in April.

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