Nioh Celebrates 1 Million in Sales With Golden Armor

Nioh has taken the Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden formulas, thrown them into a blender and come out with a rather difficult, but popular, game. It is so popular in fact that the game has hit the one million sales figure less than a month after launch.

Koei Tecmo revealed the numbers in a press release (via Siliconera), and promptly agreed to celebrate with the release of a special gift for fans. The Golden Nioh Armor will be part of a 1.04 update today, and the company said it will be extending the early purchase program for the game, which grants the Crimson Master Armor, until March 1.

Nioh has proven particularly difficult for many players, but that hasn't stopped one die-hard expert Distortion2 from completing the game in a then-record 96+ minutes, despite dying six times. He has since shaved that down to 85 minutes.

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