Gears of War 4 Launches New Feral Horde Playlist and Free Weekend

Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition is offering a free weekend for the game's multiplayer starting today, highlighted by a new Feral Horde playlist that could have some new players running away screaming.

The first-ever Horde variant "ratchets up the intensity of each wave, changing the composition of each wave to focus more on constant pressure and unrelenting assault," the developer said in announcing the event. "Prepare to move, dodge and scrap your way to victory against new waves filled with hefty amounts of Explosive Trackers, Swarm Grenadiers, DR-1s, Dropshot Scions and more!"

The playlist is automatically set to Hardcore difficulty, with Clocktower being the only map that will support it right now.

Here are the objectives for the weekend:

  • Complete 50 Waves in the Feral Horde playlist, earn the Tiger Skin.
  • Complete 100 Waves in the Feral Horde playlist, earn the Cheetah Skin.
  • Complete 200 Waves in the Feral Horde playlist, earn the Snow Leopard Skin.

Be sure to register at the game's official completion page so you can be tracked and earn your skins.

Also as part of the weekend, The Coalition is offering a three-card Feral Horde Gear Pack for 400 credits, and double class XP for every version of Horde, including public and private.

No official end date or time was listed for the event, but it will likely end some time Monday. 

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