Shack's Arcade Corner: Primal Rage

Welcome to another edition of Shack’s Arcade Corner, where Greg Burke makes it his business to parade around like a huge monster and fight off any takers. That’s why in this episode of Shack’s Arcade Corner, he’s tackling Primal Rage.

Greg checks out this versus fighter from Atari Games released in 1994 and discovers exactly what makes these brawlers so primal in the first place. The Virtuous and Destructive Beasts are ready to duke it out with red T-Rexes, ape-beasts, stegosauruses and more. It’s a throwback to the Stone Age here at Shacknews as Greg risks life and limb to bring us one of the best arcade fighters ever — at least, to some of us.

Check out our look at Primal Rage below!

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