Nintendo Switch will be available at GameStop for walk-ins on launch day

Pre-orders for the upcoming Nintendo Switch came and went pretty quickly, so it’s understandable that many weren’t able to secure one for launch day. If you were one of those people, there’s still hope. Gamestop announced today that there will be a limited supply of consoles set aside for walk-in customers on launch day. 

In a press release, GameStop encouraged those unable to snag a console early to attend their “midnight launch events.” Be aware that fans will show up in large numbers to try and get in on that walk-in deal; so your chances of being able to purchase a Switch on launch day without a pre-order are slim, but still worth a shot.

Gamestop also revealed that they will have two different Nintendo Switch bundles available for purchase on their website. As of now it’s unknown as to when these offers will go live. Bundle 1 will get you a Switch console, a Switch pro controller, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for $429.99. Bundle 2 will get you everything included in bundle 1, along with Piggyback’s official guide to Zelda: BOTW for $454.99.

Nintendo fans aren’t new to the struggle of trying to get their hands on the company’s new hardware. Last years NES Classic was so hard to get a hold of that some stores were only receiving shipments in the single digits. Prices on eBay even reached $500.

GameStop had came under fire earlier this month when reports started to surface that the company was randomly cancelling pre-orders. The company issued a statement vigorously denying the report.

Were you able to secure a Nintendo Switch pre-order? Or do you plan on being the first in line on March 3rd to claim your hot new hardware?


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