Star Trek: Bridge Crew Will Take VR to the Original USS Enterprise

When Star Trek: Bridge Crew was announced as a VR game before E3 last year, fans and potential players were a bit disappointed that none of the iconic starships would be in play. Developer Red Storm heard the cries, and has announced that the bridge of the original USS Enterprise will be available.

“We felt it was important to include a part of classic Star Trek with this game, especially during Star Trek’s 50th anniversary,” David Votypka, Senior Creative Director at Red Storm Entertainment, said in a statement. “The original U.S.S. Enterprise is such an iconic part of the franchise - it’s the ship that started it all.  The adventures and relationships that took place on the ship are a special part of Star Trek history, so we were determined to give players the opportunity to create their own adventures and stories on this classic ship.  We’re very excited to see player reactions when they step onto the U.S.S. Enterprise original bridge for the first time, and experience Star Trek: Bridge Crew in a whole new way.”

And if that wasn't enough good news, publisher Ubisoft revealed that the game, delayed to this year from its original November release, will now be coming on May 30 to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

In the main game mode, up to four players will man various stations on the bridge of the USS Aegis, a new ship created for the game. The original Enterprise bridge will be accessible through the Ongoing Voyages mode, which randomizes the missions players can try in single-player and co-op. if you can't get four friends together, players can still play solo as the captain.

To see how close the rendition is, compare the game image above to the original set below.

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