Netflix will release a Castlevania animated series in 2017

Netflix is developing an animated series based on Konami's long-running Castlevania franchise.

The series will launch sometime this year, according to a press release that ran down the streaming network's roster of new series (via Polygon). Details are scarce, but Netflix's press release indicated that the first part of the series will air in 2017.

Animator Michael Hirsh confirmed with the Globe and Mail that his studio, Wow Unlimited Media, is partnering with Netflix to create the series. Wow and Netflix are expected to target a younger audience.

Rumors of a Castlevania TV series started circulating last year after Fred Seibert, known for his work as a producer on Adventure Time, mentioned on the Nick Animation podcast that he was working on a show "based on one of the most world-famous video games of the last 30 years."

In 2015, however, producer Adi Shankar announced that he was involved in a "super violent" Castlevania series alongside creatives who worked on Adventure Time. Whether or not Netflix's series will be more suitable for kids or adults remains to be seen.

Netflix and Wow Unlimited certainly have a deep pool of material to draw from. Konami released the first Castlevania in 1986. Sequels such as Castlevania III and Super Castlevania IV were made in the vein of action-platforming games until the mid-1990s, when Konami married the Belmonts to Nintendo's Metroid series and came up with the vaunted "Metroidvania" formula, one heavy on both action and exploration.

Netflix will announce more information in the coming months.

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