Reddit Hosts Gabe Newell AMA Tomorrow

Gabe Newell, President of Valve Corporation, is taking to Reddit to partake in an "Ask Me Anything" session tomorrow, January 17 at 6 PM ET/3 PM PT. You can be that Newell will be getting a ton of questions about last week's Game Informer interview release where an alleged unidentified anonymous Valve employee leveled allegations that Half-Life 3 and Half-Life 2: Episode 3 never existed and will probably never be released.

Newell may choose not to front any questions about the interview at all, but it may finally put him in the position where he has to state whether or not the story of Half-Life will continue or not. With Steam being the world's largest digital software storefront, there's not telling what other questions will be asked.

The AMA will take place on /r/The_Gaben on January 17 at 6 PM ET/3 PM PT. If you want to ask him a question, all you need to do is show up.

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