Cheaters in Star Citizen Stand to Lose Everything

With the rollout of Star Marine in the Star Citizen 2.6 alpha, Cloud Imperium Games is confronted with a new deluge of cheaters and hackers. CIG is taking a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating, with any offenders being banned permanently, with no ship or game pledge refunds.

Fortunately, Cloud Imperium Games is being rational about the policy instead of banning players left and right for perceived offenses. To earn a ban for cheating in Star Marine, you'll have to be caught in a video first. For now, Star Citizen's integral anti-cheating tools are in their infancy, so video evidence is the only way to make sure someone is actually breaking the rules.

While the burden of proof is high on the accuser, the punishment is severe. In a game where ship pledges can range from $20 to thousands of dollars, losing an account can be a huge financial blow. A lot of people have invested a lot of money into Star Citizen, so it's fortunate that CIG is taking this seriously.

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