World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5 coming next week with new content

The World of Warcraft 7.1.5 patch finally has a released date, coming next week on January 10.

Although the patch notes are not quite ready yet, we do know that the update will bring timewalking dungeons from Mist of Pandaria, a new season of the Brawlers Guild (complete with Overwatch tribute), and micro-holidays, which are events held for fun over just a couple of days. The accompanying survival guide video also shows some significant class changes coming, as well as an early look at the new Nighthold raid opening up in Suramar. 

If you are looking forward to the 10-boss raid, there will be a staggered opening, as always happens with new raids. Here's the schedule, which begins the following week:

  • January 17: Nighthold Normal and Heroic difficulties open.
  • January 24: Nighthold Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 (Arcing Aqueducts) open.
  • February 7: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 2 (Royal Athenaeum) opens.
  • February 21: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 3 (Nightspire) opens.
  • March 7: Nighthold Raid Finder Wing 4 (Betrayer’s Rise) opens.

 The patch has already begun to preload on most machines, so there shouldn't be much to wait on next Tuesday, short of extended server downtime as the patch is deployed server-side.

There are still no release hints on the more signficant 7.2 patch, which is expected to open the Tomb of Sargeras raid, implement flying, and updates to artifacts.

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