Chatty Community's 2016 Games of the Year

The Shacknews Game of the Year has been revealed, and you can see the full line-up with all of our articles and roundtable discussions. One important GOTY tradition remains, and that's the reveal of our Chatty community's Game of the Year. Our community is one of the pillars of Shacknews, and we truly believe it sets us apart. To that end, we count its collective GOTY vote with equal weight as one staff vote. This year, more than any year prior, that had a serious impact on our final results.

Chatty's Game of the Year:

  • #10: Dishonored 2
  • #9: Inside
  • #8: Stardew Valley
  • #7: The Witness
  • #6: Uncharted 4
  • #5: Battlefield 1
  • #4: Dark Souls 3
  • #3: Titanfall 2 
  • #2: Overwatch 
  • #1: Doom

The top two games were blowouts, among both the staff and Chatty community. Doom topped our list with nearly double the points of any other contender. Similarly, the second place finisher, Overwatch, nearly doubled the points of the third-place finisher. On Chatty, the larger pool of votes made the difference even more stark. Doom had almost three times the points of Overwatch, and Overwatch had almost three times the points of Titanfall 2. However the rest of the list shakes out, those two are far and away our favorite games of the year.

This year our official site top 10 had a three-way tie at the #8 spot, and that's Chatty's doing. The staff list without the Chatty vote would have included Pokemon Go and Killing Floor 2 rounding out the bottom of the list, but Chatty pushed Titanfall 2 and Dark Souls 3 to catch up with Forza Horizon 3. Without the influence of Chatty's vote, neither of those games would have made the cut. They're all deserving, and we thank Chatty for letting its voice be heard. 

Check out our full Game of the Year line-up to see the rankings, along with our personal favorites, and more retrospectives.

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