Brittany's Overlooked Gems of 2016

Wow, I played a lot of games this year. I played a lot of terrible and medicore ones too, and plenty that I don't even remember. I played a lot that I found quite lacking, and I played many that I'll probably keep going back to time and time again. 


I already spoke about Amplitude at length earlier in the year back in July before any of the Game of the Year festivities began, but I must reiterate how important the game actually was to me. As you may know about me, I'm a music and rhythm game connoisseur, and the fact that Harmonix was able to breathe new life into a game I enjoyed so much as a teenager was massively important to me. I love the new soundtrack. (I don't love that it's still unavailable to purchase).

World of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV was one of the best gaming experiences I had all year, but that doesn't take away from how much I enjoyed this love letter to the Final Fantasy franchise. From the tiny super-deformed versions of familiar characters to the razor-sharp writing, I had more fun with this Pokemon-esque adventure than most of the other games I played this year. 

Job Simulator

Virtual reality doesn't get enough attention. Plain and simple. I didn't believe the hype at first, and I was ready to write it off as just another gimmick the entertainment industry had introduced to sell more TVs just like the 3D "revolution." This all changed once I tried out the PlayStation VR and settled in with Job Simulator. I stood up in my cubicle, threw donuts at my robot supervisor, trashed the place, and then juggled some coffee mugs, all the while giggling like a maniac. I don't think I've laughed so hard about such as simple thing before in my life. I can't wait to further explore more VR experiences in in 2017. 

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