Dragon Quest 11 Gameplay Looks Great on PS4 and Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest XI is coming to two very different platforms, but both versions of the game are looking great. A new gameplay trailer shows us some of the progress Square Enix has made on the title and highlights some of the features of both the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4 versions.

The PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Quest XI showcases some incredible scenic vistas for us to explore. The trailer also shows that while riding on horseback you can easily avoid enemies if you desire. The game has the same cel-shaded look that's been a hallmark of the series since its transition to 3D, but it's a more subdued effect this time around.

The Nintendo 3DS version has a unique feature that the PlayStation 4 version doesn't. While the top screen has the same 3D gameplay that's reminiscent of Dragon Quest VIII, the bottom screen shows a 2D representation of the game that is styled after the classic Dragon Quest entries on NES and SNES.

Dragon Quest XI is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS in Japan in 2017. A Nintendo Switch version that hasn't been shown yet is also said to be in production.

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