Doom now has more than 165,000 user-made maps

Doom launched seven months ago, and one of the big selling points for the community was the SnapMap editor, allowing players to create their own maps for the game, much like the .wad file editors from the original series. It appears SnapMap has been a success, as the library of SnapMaps has grown to more than 165,000.

SnapMap Lead Producer Kevin Cloud announced the figure in a blog post, while recapping all of the changes and upgrades the editor had received since launch, including the most recent free update earlier this month: "Our last update for 2016 delivered almost everything needed for creating a full DOOM single-player campaign, including: logic to support a campaign player progression, camera rumbles, campaign styled objective HUD and compass, logic to support checkpoints and improved limits," Cloud said. "We’re also adding Lazarus Labs themed modules, the DOOM Marine Praetor armor, as well as more props, game items and logic."

Unfortunately, Cloud didn't offer any hints about what the future may hold for SnapMap, but the latest update should keep players busy expanding the SnapMap library until id announces what will happen next. 

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