PewDiePie Didn't Delete His Channel After Reaching 50 Million Subscribers

PewDiePie has more subscribers than any other channel on YouTube, but that may end this evening. An increasingly jaded PewDiePie previously pledged to delete his channel once he hit 50 million subscribers and now that threshold has been reached. After stating he was going to delete the PewDiePie channel today though, he didn't. Turns out the whole thing was a joke.

I can understand why PewDiePie would want to remove his channel, even though he's still very much on top of the YouTube game. When Felix Kjellberg started the PewDiePie channel in 2010, video blogging about video gaming was still an exciting and new thing. However, his over-the-top performances as the PewDiePie character led him to be typecast, and as he's matured his audience hasn't.

Recent upload from Kjellberg have dealt with more serious issues, like problems with YouTube's algorithms that have lead to more and more clickbait being placed in users suggested videos, and viewers getting spontaneously unsubscribed from channels. His followers, however, aren't particularly interested in hearing about that kind of thing. Those that followed PewDiePie for his zany video gaming antics simply miss the old PewDiePie.

Kjellberg desires a change in tone of his content, a change that will be accepted by his subscribers. When you've got 50 million people expecting you to do one thing and you want to do something else, why not just get rid of them? Kjellberg has money to burn, and at this point, I don't blame him for not wanting to be the face of YouTube and its gaming scene anymore.

However, apparently Kjellberg's mention of deleting his YouTube channel was a joke taken out of proportion and reported on in a much more serious context than he had intended. A video posted to the PewDiePie channel shows Kjellberg deleting his second channel. That's it. It was all a joke. However, the tone of the PewDiePie channel has definitely taken a more mature and darker tone, and maybe that's okay. For now we'll just have to watch and see what the ultimate fate of the most popular YouTube channel will be.

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