Kojima Announces Death Stranding Will Run On Guerrilla Games' Decima Engine

During today's special Death Stranding presentation lead by Geoff Keighley and featuring Hideo Kojima himself, we learned a good chunk of new information surrounding the game and the engine it will be running on.

Kojima's new studio Kojima Productions will in fact utilize the Decima engine, which was developed by Horizon Zero Dawn's studio Guerrilla Games, for Death Stranding. PlayStation 4 system architect Mark Cerny was onstage with Guerrilla Games director Hermen Hulst to chat about Decima, which is coincidentally known as "Dejima" in Japan.

Utilizing the Decima engine, which is more than just rendering, as Hulst remarked, is appropriate when it comes to working on "open worlds," according to Hideo Kojima. While the company is hard at work putting the game together, a smaller version of Kojima Productions will be launching from within Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam.

The latest trailer for Death Stranding that debuted at Thursday's The Game Awards depicted a dark and deliciously strange world, so hopefully we'll see a lot of that darkness coming through in whatever footage is to come in the future. This engine looks like it's going to be quite formidable.

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