Celebrate Xbox's 15th anniversary with free DLC for Halo 5 and Forza Horizon 3

Microsoft's celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the original Xbox by waxing nostalgic on the 2001 launch, and giving away free DLC for Halo 5 and Forza Horizon 3, the latest entries in two flagship franchises that originated on its first big black box (via GameSpot).

Halo 5 is offering Mark IV armor and a helmet, four SPNKRs, four Halo 2 Beam guns, and four CE Magnums. To collect, all you have to do is log in to the game.

Microsoft and Halo 5 developer 343 also curated an Anniversary Throwback playlist featuring six maps from Halo: Combat Evolved, all reimagined by members of the game's community using the Forge map creator.

In Forza Horizons 3, claim a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor bedecked in "Xbox anniversary" trimming. Owners of the Forza Horizon 3 VIP edition are privy to a bonus truck with 15th-anniversary colors as well.

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