Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks on Reddit, 4chan, and more

Pokemon Sun and Moon is scheduled to release on November 18, but the highly-anticipated game has been leaked with screenshots and new information popping up on a number of popular forums, including 4Chan and Reddit.

(SPOILER WARNING: If you want to go into Pokemon Sun & Moon completely fresh, we recommend not reading this section.)

The screenshots show some stats and abilities of select Pokemon, including Rowlet and Trumbeak, some story elements, and some options that can be changed during play, which includes toggling the Battle Effects, Battle Style, and Text Speed. We can also see the moment where the player is tasked with choosing a starter Pokemon and the main menu, allowing players to access their Pokemon, Pokedex, Bag, and Trainer Passport as well as options to save your game and to refresh your Pokemon.

While we know what many of these options do, such as Pokemon Refresh allowing trainers to take better care of their monsters, the Trainer Passport is one we haven't seen before. If we had to guess what it is, we have a feeling it's a way for Pokemon Trainers to keep tabs on their major milestones within Pokemon Sun and Moon, such as defeating island guardians.

(End of spoiler section)

As of now, leakers are continuing to reveal new information regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon. Thankfully, none of it should cause fans of the series to lose too much sleep, although they’ll probably be restless knowing copies of the game are out in the wild.

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