Red Dead Redemption 2 announced, coming fall 2017

Rockstar continued its slow drip of Red Dead teasers today, this time with a title: Red Dead Redemption 2.

The updated tweet included a release date of fall 2017. But the teases aren't quite done, because it also promises that a trailer will be coming this Thursday at 11 AM ET.

Following a red background dropped over the weekend that started the Internet buzzing, the company yesterday released an image showing seven silhouettes, bringing to mind the Magnificent Seven. A sequel or remaster to Red Dead Redemption has been rumored for quite some time, especially after appearing on an artist's resume.

The original Red Dead Redemption has been one of the most requested games for Xbox One's backwards compatability, and even popped up by mistake before it was ready for full distribution. It became officially backwards compatible in July of this year.

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