Diablo 4? Blizzard offering hints to die for

Blizzard likes to keep itself busy. The new Legion expansion is out for World of Warcraft, and the Starcraft 2 trilogy is done except for some minor mission packs. Overwatch is a huge success, as is Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm is rolling right along. So what does that leave? The Diablo franchise, of course, and there are some hints that Diablo 4 could be making an appearance at BlizzCon next month.

At the heart of the speculation is a Diablo-themed bag of role-playing dice that is part of the the BlizzCon 2016 goodie bag. The bag includes a 4-sided die (aka D4), but it is unusable because of what was first thought to be a printing errorinvolving the 4s and the 1s on the die. Two ones and a 4 pop up when the die lnds a certain way. While printing errors do happen, people began to notice that 1-1-4 could be read as 11/4, or November 4, which happens to be the first day of BlizzCon. Hmmmmm, a D4 with a 11/4 printing error ...

But wait, there is more. David Brevik, who worked on the original series before branching out on his own, recently tweeted a picture of the Libra constellation and " "For 20 years, Diablo-like games have evolved & surprised us. I'm proud to be the adviser for the game that pushes this genre to new heights." Brevik left his previous gig at Gazillion Entertainment in January of this year to start working on "other opportunities." What could the constellation mean? In sidereal astrology, Libra covers Ocotbr 16 to November 15, the latter dates agan covering BlizzCon.

To add to the mystery, Brevik and former exec Bill Roper were both at Blizzard at the same time earlier this month. Also, back in July, Blizzard had been looking for a game director for an unannounced Diablo project.

Granted, this could all be a wild goose chase designed to get more eyes on the first day of BlizzCon 2016. There are not any substantial panels planned for the Diablo series, but that doesn't mean that we might not get a teaser trailer and a promise of more info later.

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