Fig closing on Psychonauts 2 investments

Following news that crowdfunding platform Fig received SEC qualification, Fig representatives announced that they will begin collecting investments from non-accredited investors for Game Shares of Psychonauts 2 starting today.

Psychonauts 2 raised more than $3.8 million from approximately 24,000 fans when its campaign launched on Fig in late 2015. According to a report published by Gamespot after the campaign ended, approximately $1.84 million of that funding came from investments as opposed to backers interested in traditional crowdfunding rewards like signed posters.

If you missed the chance to invest in Psychonauts 2 the first time around, you're in luck. Investors can join in at the Psychonauts 2 campaign page on Fig. Those who have already invested will receive an email from Fig with further instructions.

"The SEC qualification marks a turning point for the games industry and the future of crowdfunding," wrote a representative from Fig in an email sent to Shacknews. "Now all backers have the ability to invest in individual games on theFig crowdfunding platform and potentially earn a portion of future profits from the sales of a single game. This marks a new era of crowdfunding for entertainment projects, starting with videogames, and developers are starting to flock to the Fig platform."

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