You Can Try The Dragon Quest Builders Demo Right Now

Dragon Quest Builders is on the horizon, coming up next month on October 11. It's a pretty interesting twist on typical building games that incorporates elements of the popular Dragon Quest series. Familiar characters and elements of the games can be found within, and there's a whole lot more to do than you might expect.

You can actually try it out for yourself right now to see if it's going to be a game that's up your alley. There's a demo available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita today in North America and Europe, which lets you explore the introductory chapter of the game where you can restore a town, take a look around the island, and fight off the encroaching monster hordes. You know, as you do.

Check out the new "Become a Legendary Builder" trailer below while you dig into the demo. It looks surprisingly meaty for a game that incorporates two very different genres.

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