Logitech acquires flight- and space-sim controller maker, Saitek

Logitech has announced its acquisition of the Saitek brand and its line of flight, farm, and space simulation game controllers.

Fans of games like Elite Dangerous, Eve Valkyrie, Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Farm Simulator games will be familiar with the Saitek brand as it’s been a go-to manufacturer of simulation controllers for some time now.

Saitek was first founded in 1979 as a developer of electronic chess games, but then entered the PC peripherals market in the 1990s. Since then, the company has released its own keyboards, mice, and audio products for the PC market, although it has always stayed true to its original calling: simulation game controllers.

Logitech’s acquisition of Saitek means it’ll now be able to be a bigger part of the simulation games community, as it already creates gaming wheels for the driving simulation market. Having Saitek on board means it’ll now be able to offer a more complete experience to its fans as it has a vision to take its established products further by delivering products within the flight, farm, and space simulation realms.

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