Dusk plans to scratch your early 90s first-person shooter itch in 2017

New Blood has revealed its upcoming first-person shooter that should scratch your nostalgic itch if you played PC shooters in the 90s, called Dusk.

Dusk is described as a “retro FPS inspired by all of your 90’s favorites.” Judging by its debut trailer, we believe if you’ve ever played Redneck Rampage, Quake, Doom, or Heretic, then you’re going to want to learn more about Dusk, and fast.

Dusk will feature three campaign episodes when it releases in 2017, all of which have been inspired by the previously-mentioned games. In addition to its full single-player campaign, Dusk will feature an Endless Survival mode and a 1v1 online battle multiplayer mode.

Dusk is being developed as a collaborative effort between David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive and is a spiritual successor to Pit, which Szymanski released a few years ago.

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