Heroes of the Storm's 'Machines of War' update now available with new Hero Alarak

Nearly a month after it was announced, Blizzard Entertainment has released its highly-anticipated Machines of War update for Heroes of the Storm.

The Machines of War update rolling out today includes a new Hero, Alarak, a new Battleground, and a new special event: Xel’naga Artifact Hunt. The special event will scatter Xel’naga artifacts all across the Nexus, which rewards a 1-Day Stimpack for each 12 Artifact Pieces collected per day and a Xel’naga Artifact Portrait if you’re able to turn in 150 Artifact Pieces prior to October 18, 2016.

The Machines of War update gives players the opportunity to add a new Hero to their collections for free. Players would need to update Heroes of the Storm and log in to earn one of three heroes for free: Anub’arak, Thrall, or Tyrand. If you own any of these three Heroes, you’ll then be able to own either Nazeebo, Sonya, or Uther. If you own all six of these Heroes, you’ll be given 4,000 Gold to use as you wish.

Sorry, Overwatch fans. Zarya isn’t included in today’s update, although we’re sure she’ll be arriving fashionably late in the near future. In the meantime, head into the Nexus and go have fun with Alarak!

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