PlayStation Plus members get a new round of free games today

This month's batch of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers is in, and it covers a nice spectrum of tastes and genres.

PS4 owners get BadlandJourney, and Lords of the Fallen. "SoulsBorne" fans looking for a game to slake their thirst until next month's Dark Souls 3 DLC should check out Lords of the Fallen. The gameplay is slower, but deliberately so, and developer Deck13's art style adds a nice dose of World of WarCraft to FromSoft's traditionally bleak world design.

PS3 owners also get Badland and Journey, plus Datura and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Forgotten Sands is the latest chapter in Ubisoft's Sands of Time trilogy, appended to the series after 2008's reboot was met with mixed results. It all feels rather familiar, but in a good way that will leave you satisfied and yearning for more Prince of Persia-style platforming.

Finally, Vita owners get Badland as well as Amnesia: Memories.

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