No Man's Sky's concurrent players drop by 89 percent

Just over a week ago, over 212,000 concurrent players were exploring No Man's Sky's 18 quintillion planets together (sort of) on Steam. According to new statistics, concurrent players have plummeted by 89 percent, to just shy of 23,000.

Specifically, the count of 22,935 represents peak concurrent players within the last 24 hours.

Why is No Man's Sky shedding players? Take your pick: vague and superlative marketing that raised the bar impossibly high, mixed reviews among both consumers and critics, a plethora of performance issues and other bugs, only some of which have been resolved. And, let's face it: even the hottest game only stays hot for a short time before giving way to the next big thing. It could be a simple matter of No Man's Sky passing its crown to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

One will have to follow statistics month by month to get a more accurate assessment of how No Man's Sky stacks up, of course. Even so, that's a staggering drop-off for the game that many hoped would last them the rest of their lifetime.

Source: Crave Online

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