id is working on a classic, free-for-all deathmatch mode for Doom

In my review of Doom, I praised the game's single-player and Snap Map modes, but described multiplayer as lackluster. And that's really as bad as it gets. Doom's multiplayer mode isn't bad by any stretch; it's simply not classic-style deathmatch, the multiplayer mode fans associate with id's golden-age games and looking to make a return in next year's Quake Champions.

Executive producer Marty Stratton knows what players want, and he and the Doom team are working to make it happen. Stratton spoke to GameSpot at QuakeCon regarding id's forthcoming updates for Doom, one of which is deathmatch. "It's very much free-for-all deathmatch. It's what a lot of players have been requesting. All of our modes coming out of the gate were team modes, and there's been a lot of requests. We wanted to include it, and a lot of fans have requested it."

Stratton and the other developers are torn over whether to include Doom's demon power-up in FFA deathmatch. Doing so might please some players, but to purists, it's an alloy that dilutes the core of classic deathmatch: total control over movement, total precision in shooting, and total mastery over territory.

When deathmatch drops, it will be a playlist-type feature. However, id is also working on "private matches where players can set up their own match and invite players to those matches. We're still working out the exact level of customization we'll have in that."

He went on to clarify that the deathmatch playlist will probably include demon power-ups, but that you'll be able to winnow them out when you set parameters for private deathmatch sessions.

You can read Stratton's full interview over at GameSpot.

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