StarCraft 2's Nova gets Covert Ops Mission Pack 2 next week

Now that StarCraft 2 has deployed all the games for the various races, Blizzard has been keeping fans entertained with mission packs focused on Terran Ghost Nova. Mission Pack 1 came out in March, and now the second pack is scheduled for release on August 2.

According to the official site, the new set of missions will have Nova pick up where she left off at the end of the last DLC. She will still have all the weapons and upgrades earned previously. This time, she will be able to "take control of Liberators and Goliaths and grant them enhanced technology, such as self-repair and cloaking." Apparently, the next group of bad guys will be an upgrade over what she encountered before.

The next missions have Nova heading to a resort planet known as Tyrador IX, and then a somewhat unknown world called Jarban Minor that had a failed colonization attempt by the Umojan Protectorate.

Eventually, there will be three mission packs. As a group, they are on sale at the Blizzard store for $14.99. Otherwise, each pack indiviually runs $7.49. The third pack is expected to be released before December 1.

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